It’s Frightful Fall around here and we couldn’t be happier! Halloween is a holiday we seem tailor built to host. We have many exciting events going on in all of our stores, not just for kids, but adults get to enjoy the season too. Check out this website for our events listings to get in on the fun. For your other Halloween needs, we have you covered. Need a costume for yourself or for the trick or treaters in your life? Have a look at our rubber masks, gobblins, witches and that blobby red mask thing. Of course they are all available with Bookmans Trade Credit.

Your favorite entertainment exchange is currently carrying wigs, pirate hats, corsets (in real person sizes), and black capes. After working out a costume for yourself jump to focusing on your house. Let us help you haunt it. All manners of spook-tacular (I wait all year to use that term) Halloween decorations are available. We especially love the normal looking vintage photo that turns into a pumpkin head as you pass by. Bookmans loves to support local artists and we have hand painted skulls and skull art to add to the melange. Do you need a soundtrack? How about some terrible tales told by Poe, yes, good ole Edgar Allen on vinyl. You get to scare the kids and earn some street cred with your audiophile friends. Bobbing for apples is fun but nothing beats the Director’s Cut of the original board game Zombies.


Zombies is a Twilight Creations game designed by Todd and Kerry Breitenstein. This 2 to 6 player game features a changing map, ever-growing army of undead where players take turns playing map tiles, placing Zombies and of course, battling for your life. When the play is done (IF it’s ever done) you can relax with a classic horror film. We have all the best oldies and modern horror. Have all of your friends seen Carrie? No? Then it’s time. How about Night of the Living Dead, we have it.

Side note: does anyone know what this mask thing is? It’s red, mushed looking (like it was intended that way) and we think you are supposed to wear it on your head. 10 Geek points to anyone who can tell us what this halloween thing is.


Of course if you’re over Zombies and have watched all the vampires you can stomach, we have an entire horror section to keep you satisfyingly scared all month. Did you say Books? Oh boy, why yes we did. We have the books, the horror books – lots of them. The best part is you can choose between fiction and nonfiction titles. Pass the flashlight around and tell your tales from titles like Spook, Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach. True Ghosts 2 includes terrible tales from the vault of FATE magazine. If you want you can grab a copy of the classic tale of Dracula by Bram Stoker, The Thing by Steven King or Black Hills by Dan Simmons. It doesn’t stop there, we have cookbooks, baking equipment and specialty cocktail guides to help you host a haunting hoedown.

There is no end to the eerie excitement to be had at your local Bookmans. For a closer look at some of the stock at Bookmans Speedway jump over to our FLCKR feed for more pics of what you can find. Also watch our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds for more Frightful Fall Fun at all of our Bookmans locations!