Our modern world provides us with an explosion of information. Never before have humans had such astonishing access to any and every kind of data, which, by the way, is wonderful. Electronic media are the main source of our attention these days, but let’s not forget their humble cousin–the paper periodical. Bookmans deals in gently used magazines, both selling and buying. Magazines don’t seem to go out of style or be restricted to the doctor’s office and airplanes.

Used Magazines for All Reasons and Readers

Magazines for Relaxation
Little relaxes us like sitting with a magazine to read carefully edited articles about everything. We say everything because there is a magazine dedicated to just about everything. Name a topic, any topic in the universe, even the universe itself; we have a magazine dedicated to that thing.

Magazines for Research
Current periodicals are not just for entertainment. We often recommend them to students. Most educators limit the number of online sources that students can use for research papers. Magazines fill that purpose. Periodicals offer current information on any given subject. Because the data is already condensed, students don’t have to slog through endless text. As a bonus, most writers cite their sources so if a topic peaks your interest you can dig deeper by pursuing the writers’ sources.

Magazines for Inspiration
In response to the proliferation of online reading, magazines upped their originality game. Art magazines are a perfect example of creativity in action. Contributors and editors have taken the medium to the next level with unusual layouts, formats, fonts and paper selections. And the gloves are off for content. Writers exhibit their quirky best and the medium allows a terrific amount of creative license. Many of the most renowned writers began in magazines with funny, irreverent, timely articles as well as sound professional journalism that explores today’s most pressing topics.

Magazines for Crafty Projects
Recycling is important, but it comes after reuse. Magazines are a wonderful resource for art projects and crafting. Such projects aren’t just for children. Serious artists create beautiful paper works. Check out our Made from Books board on Pinterest for inspiration. We call it “Made from Books” but any of those projects can be altered for magazines as material. We also wrote our own beginner’s tutorial on decoupaged letters. We used comic books, but you could use slick looking magazine pages instead.

Magazines for Hobbyists
* Clive Cussler and Lee Child fans, grab an issue of Eye Spy, the world’s only independent publication dedicated to espionage and intelligence. This publication boasts that it is read by the worldwide intelligence community.
* If you feel like crafting, pick up Doll Costuming, Quilter’s, Wood, Jewelry Stringing, Ornament or Art Paper. Grab a copy of Model Aviation or Flyer. Both concern airborne crafts and model airplanes.
* Cooking magazines abound with titles such as Wedding Cakes, BBC Olive or Everyday Foods. Our personal favorite is Arizona’s own Edible Baja Arizona. This publication celebrates “the foodways of Tucson and the borderlands” and is both thorough and gorgeous. Edible makes a few copies available for free in our stores each publication period. We recommend you eat up Edible as it is a feast for the eyes, mind and tummy.

Magazines for Engaging Young Readers
Love of reading typically emerges from humble beginnings. No one reads War and Peace at 3 years old. Magazines allow reluctant readers to enjoy the wonders of the written word without feeling intimated. Titles like Ranger Rick, Kids, Lego Club Jr., Click, or Sparkle World fill in where chapter books might intimidate a young reader. After that, there is no shame in Tiger Beat. It is a gateway to the classics like People and OK! (and War and Peace).

Magazines for Everyone
We also carry little known titles on subjects you might be surprised exist, including Dragon, Watch, Doctor Who, Civil War and Newtype USA. We carry all of the famous titles to such as GQ, Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy, Bloomberg Businessweek, Oprah, Mother Jones, Psychology Today, Traveler, Vogue, Men’s Fitness, Time, Popular Science and Maxim.

Monthly periodicals are a satisfying form of information and entertainment in today’s digital world. Bring us your gently used magazines (uncut) for Trade Credit and enjoy a quick, fun read with our wide variety of titles. Bookmans is your store to explore. We hope you will come and browse, but if you are looking for a specific magazine title or issue, please give us a call. We’ll check our orange shelves for you.