It’s probably safe to assume someone you know has had a baby recently. ‘Tis the season to make sure they have their baby essentials covered. Bookmans can make it easier to shop for the perfect baby gifts. Additionally, we have everything a toddler could want. Games, toys, books and more, Bookmans is your one stop shop for all your wee ones’ holiday needs. Take a look at what special treats we have this season in our post, Gift Guide: What to Buy for Baby.

Gift Guide: What to Buy for Baby

No time is too soon to familiarize children with reading. We have alphabet blocks, board books, puzzles and games centered around getting those young eyes recognizing the alphabet.

Looking for something fun and interactive? We also have coloring books, dolls, beanie babies, plush toys and animals and action figures. Each one unique and reasonably priced.

It wouldn’t be a day if we didn’t hear someone beating on one of our djembe drums. While the all wood, hand crafted drums might be too much for your little ones, we have plastic toy instruments too! Engage those musical ears early and get toy maracas, shakers, xylophones and tambourines. We have child sized drums sets if you’re brave enough to endure the lessons afterward.

After you’ve bought your sibling one of our sugar skull T-shirts, make your way to our baby onesies. There’s not much better in life than the essentials “Eat, Poop, Read.” Sporting that slogan will make your baby the talk of the playground. If your child has outgrown the onesie phase, take a look at our reading lion shirts. These are appropriate for all ages who are young at heart. Deck your whole family out in Bookmans Bob’s Own Brand.

Baby Einstein puts out amazing DVDS for all baby ages. These provide ways to work in learning while also sneaking in television. We have a vast collection to get children learning well before their preschool days. Looking for appropriate music? We have a collection of CDs just for kids! From sing-alongs to silly songs to the Putamayo collection for children, consider checking these great tunes out.

Gift Guide: What to Buy for Baby

We appreciate all children and want to instill a love for reading from the earliest of ages. If you can’t decide what to buy from our extensive baby and toddler selection, grab a gift card for the child’s guardian to spend. With gifts cards you bring the joy of a whole store with just a small slip of paper. Make the best out of your holiday season by shopping at Bookmans.

* Bookmans is your store to explore. If you are looking for a particular title mentioned in this post, please give us a call and we will check our shelves for you. Otherwise, we hope you will come and browse.