Bookmans Speedway has all your favorite movies from past and present. The history of cinema is long and varied; it all began in the 1890s with the invention of the first motion-picture cameras. Simple single scene shots dominated the field, some of everyday life, some staged and others captured the acts of the ever popular Vaudeville. Travelogues brought the wonders of far flung places and cinema quickly became the most popular form of entertainment in the Victorian Era. Stereopticons were paired with hand painted glass slides, live performance or sound recordings made the first illustrated songs to promote the sales of sheet music. The market ploy was successful so it was used as filler material preceding films and during reel changes.

Speedway Movie Madness

The year 1900 marks the emergence of the first motion pictures that we consider “films”. At this point, film-makers began to introduce basic editing techniques and film narrative. Cinema has come a long way since then; film shoots today are massive undertakings, many of which look more like construction sites than film shoots. With the advent of computer graphics and advanced technologies in animation, modern film makers can bring virtually anything to life. We learned to travel to new worlds with Star Trek and the new words we created are out of this world.

Super director James Cameron used spectacular 3D technology and the Reality Camera System to take his audience into that other world in Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time. Documentaries and films from Independent Studios have also gained popularity, reaching out to a wider audience than ever before. Regardless of your taste, Bookmans Speedway has just the film to satisfy, delight and educate. We also carry Blu Rays and we haven’t forgotten the wonder of old school. Yes, we still have VHS!

During Movie Madness Month, Bookmans has special movie-themed events and exciting specials to help you celebrate your love of film. Bookmans Speedway recently celebrated the opening of the newest book-to-movie release of The Giver. The event included a Giver Memory Transfer craft, free pizza and giveaway prize packs that included free passes to see the movie. Check the Events Calendar to discover more fun events to attend. Remember to bring your movies in for Trade Credit so you and your friends and family can enjoy the wonders of cinema without breaking the bank. Good for the planet; good for your pocket!