By now you have heard about, or at least seen, all of our fabulous tweets, posts and images across our social media feeds celebrating Bookmans’ 40 Years of Fun. You may be wondering what it’s all about…so don’t you worry, we are here to not only give you all of the epic details, but to reveal one of our prize packs that you can win! Yes, you heard that right, prize packS, plural.

We love all of our customers and we wouldn’t be around this long without every single one of you. So to say ‘thank you’ we have created this super-awesome interactive social media contest! Keep an eye out on all of the Bookman’s Twitter accounts, Instagram and Facebook pages to see what #dailydirective is required for that day. Each daily directive will give you a hint, clue or question you need to answer by snapping a quick photo, sending a video, or thinking outside of the box. There will be one winner for each of our six Bookmans locations, so if you’re in Arizona, you have qualified to win big! The first thing you will note whilst peering at this glorious prize pack is that it is completely full with epic materials. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ever sought-after items that you could potentially win, key word being ‘some’. We have to leave a little element of surprise!

The items we can discuss with you are super fun and all around free to you (so exciting). Let us add a note that although we are a used bookstore, we wanted to make these packs a little extra special so we have crammed in as many ‘new’ products as possible.


Here are some of the items you can look forward to owning very soon:
24 Crayola colored pencils
Two coloring books
Bookmans swag (tumbler, t-shirt and tote bag)
Disney Pixar Funny book
One sketch pad
STARWARS The Complete Saga (Blu ray set)
A coloring diary
Sugar skull notepad
A book lovers calendar
Mystic 8 ball
Bowling Monkees


There are two other big ticket items in this prize pack. Those are the ones that you will need to wait and see what they are. One hint, just to be nice…one of them is an electronic item. Dun dun dun…

You might even be able to see what it is in the preview pictures of this prize pack. So go forth, and participate in this epic contest of fantastic proportions! It’s like the lottery says, you can’t win if you don’t play. This just so happens to have way better odds for you to win. Good luck, and thank you all for being amazing!