Bookmans has awesome stuff. From vintage books to cult movies, our place is a playground. The Bookmans Gallery is full of collectibles to turn your place of residence into a home. Gathering items from the community, our buyers are on the look out for rare items to add to our shelves and insuring that there is something for everyone. Are your walls feeling drab? Display a psychedelic poster commemorating your favorite Beatles album. Could your porch could use some excitement? Check out our colorful ceramic pieces sure to spruce up any outside seating area. Peruse our Gallery and you will definitely find something to suit your home décor needs.

Star Trek

Lately Bookmans Flagstaff finds more concert posters for the music enthusiast and more collectibles for the sci-fi lover. Our Gallery has grown and expanded in recent months. More than ever you can rest assured knowing that if you’re in need of a difficult to find piece of artwork, Bookmans might be your best bet to find it. Please allow us this time to show off our exceptionally awesome collection of neat treasures and trinkets.


For millenniums, Bookmans Flagstaff welcomed marionettes to our Gallery floor — not just any puppets with strings. No, these marionettes come with “no strings attached.” Some might even say that they are “all I ever wanted, all I ever needed.” Before you say, “bye, bye, bye,” take a moment to reconsider because it’s “tearin’ up my heart” that you might miss out on these exceptionally cool, never-going-out-of-style commemorative N’Sync marionettes. I dare you to buy these and not reenact a video or two. All five members are present, including Mr. Timberlake before sexy was brought back.

James Dean

Any rebel without a cause can find a comrade in three black and white photos of everyone’s favorite red leather jacket-wearing heart throb. Bookmans has a collection of James Dean memorabilia just waiting to be purchased. If you’re more into movies that take place long ago in a galaxy far, far away, check out our newest addition to the Bookmans Flag laser disc collection — the original Star Wars trilogy on laser disc! That’s episodes four through six before being digitally remastered, so no Anakin Skywalker popping up as a ghost chilling with Obi One at the end of Return Of The Jedi.

We invite you to stop by and check out all the cool stuff we have on our gallery floor. Bookmans can not guaranty stock, so if you would like a certain item mentioned in this article, feel free to give us a call to see if we still have what you are looking for. We are always looking for new and interesting treasures to add to our floor. Bring in your old nick-knacks, toys and decorative pieces to your local Bookmans to receive store trade or cash.