Marco Archer, known as Phora, is a poetic singer and rapper from Anaheim, California. His music is a testimony to his talent in storytelling within the context of rap music. His style is almost like a mix between Logic and a young J. Cole. At 22 years old, Phora has crushed the many barriers that stood in his way of success. Though he grew up amidst violence that threatened his life, Phora never let his struggles or fears consume him. Instead, he looked to music as his fortitude. Today, we celebrate his top earning deal with Warner Bros. and newly released album, Yours Truly Forever. Here are my favorite tracks from Phora.


6. Fake Smile – With Love (2016)
 I couldn’t dig the beat to this song more. Blending dope flow with different sounds, Phora definitely isn’t afraid to pour out his heart on this one. He speaks a lot about the overwhelming feeling of abandonment. Getting so lost in the emotion starts to become self abandonment with fake smile.

11. Like Me – With Love (2016)
I respect how Phora deeply expresses his emotions in his music, whether those be love, anger or even unknown. In this case, his emotions are smooth and he plays out his feelings.

6. To The Moon – Yours Truly Forever (2017)
We all have a little bit of a soft side, this is Phora’s soft side. Confessing his love isn’t something he hides.

15. In My Eyez – Yours Truly Forever (2017)
This song demonstrates Phora’s testimony and how he is his own storyteller. The title of the track speaks for itself. This song is a glimpse into his personal life. We all have struggles that we face and fight to defeat, this is Phora’s story.

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