April is here, which means it’s Earth Month and the perfect time to reflect with your kids on our amazing planet. The earth has provided us shelter, food, air and a place to exist for millions of years. What is the best way to celebrate our planet? With a fun activity! This tutorial will help you make mini planet earths with just a few household items.

Earth Craft Final

-Shaving cream (not the gel kind)
-Nontoxic acrylic paint
-Cookie sheet or other type of pan
-Paint brush
-White construction paper cut into desired shape (round for the Earth)
-Squeegee (a ruler works too)

Earth Craft Supplies

Step 1
Spray shaving cream onto your pan. With your hands or a rubber spatula, spread it out evenly. Use slightly more than the size of your earth paper.

Earth Craft Foam 1

Earth Craft Foam 2

Step 2
Make lines of paint on top of the shaving cream with your acrylic paint. Blue and green are all you need to make an earth.

Earth Craft Foam Color

Step 3
With your paint brush, begin to swirl the colors around. Don’t mix it up too much! You want distinctive colors and white still visible when you are done.

Earth Craft Foam Swirl

Step 4
Gently press your paper into the shaving cream being sure to press all areas of the paper into the shaving cream and paint. Let it sit for about ten seconds, then gently lift up the paper and lay it aside for 3-4 minutes.

Earth Craft Fun

Earth Craft Fun 2

Earth Craft Fun 3

Step 5
Once the paint has had some time to sit, use your squeegee (or ruler) and gently wipe off the excess paint and shaving cream.

Earth Craft Squeegee

Voila! You just created a beautiful and unique work of art. Just let the paint dry and you will be finished.

Earth Craft Final

Get creative with your shapes and colors to create more projects. We also created a cool Easter egg. There are no limits to what you can produce with this fun and easy craft project, plus it’s works for people of all ages!

Easter Egg Craft

Stop by at 1 p.m. on April 19 at Bookmans Ina when we’ll do this craft in our store
. Crafting is always fun when you do it with friends.