With Earth Day around the corner, April is a great time to reflect how to live a greener life. There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint and maybe inspire others to do the same. We strive to live consciously and take into consideration how we affect our planet as a company and as humans. With so many ways to reduce our impact on earth, the most difficult part is finding a place to start.

Living Green Books

Luckily, our shelves provide an ideal jumping off point. We have a variety of green living books from home building plans, to solar power, to green friendly house hold tips. While these books explain how to live more eco-friendly, they can also provide tips on how to save money while doing so! Stop by any of our stores to browse our titles on green living.

More Living Green Books

Not only do our stores have the information about living a green lifestyle, we’re a great place to start taking action! Why throw away your old books, video games, movies, jewelry and other household items when we are seeking to buy such items from our customers? If you have the stuff we need, we will put trade credit into your pockets so you can purchase things you will actually use. When you trade and buy used, it eliminates the waste overflowing in our landfills. By recycling your unused items at Bookmans, you are taking steps to live an eco-friendly, greener lifestyle.

Even More Living Green Books