Bookmans people rock! We (well, some of us) really, actually rock. Bookmans Speedway’s staff is full of talented and musicians, each with either their own bands or solo projects.

Bands of Bookmans

Lex is our Music Department Supervisor and he has two of his own bands, Some are Old and Oddkin. Oddkin’s most recent gig was at Tucson’s Plush nightclub, where they regularly play. The audience doesn’t just watch and listen to an Oddkin show, they experience it. Oddkin’s Plush gig included a backdrop of silent animated foreign films. With a voice reminiscent of Morrisey, Lex wails behind an electronic wall of gorgeous sound.

Oddkin shared the stage with Tim’s band Spider Cider. This year-old 3-piece combo began life as Tim’s solo project. As a teenager, Tim would steal his father’s guitar to play gigs at local coffee houses. Classified as Indie or Alternative Rock, Spider Cider has genius lyrics and shine on singles like April 2nd and Where I Am.

Tommy is not just the Hero of our Electronics Department, he is the creator of Lovecloud Zero. This solo project is one of several he has going. Check out Love Cloud’s newest single, I Wanna Be Gwen Stefani’s Thong Underwear on SoundCloud. Sergio’s solo work includes Wolfen Axe. This melodic death metal will release new works within the year.

Eli is our resident storyteller, acoustic guitarist and substitute for Story Time/Music Hour. Eli began his music career as a young drummer. During a trip to Thailand Eli missed playing and found a music store where he purchased a $30 guitar. This marked the beginning of his song writing career. Being away from home, alone and having extraordinary experiences, Eli found the perfect material for lyrics. Humor is another component of Eli’s music and Thailand was the first time people became excited about his work. It won’t be the last. With his folk sound and unique voice Eli connects with his listeners, to contextualize experience and to weave amusing and heartfelt stories of love and life (and bees) around his audience. Eli is destined for larger audiences.

If a heavier sound rocks your world, check out Forbidden Records, the brain child of Luke. Forbidden Records released and promoted more than a dozen out-of-state and foreign bands. Luke’s personal project, A Transylvanian Funeral, includes his work on guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals. All of which he plays, mixes and records. Says Luke, “I don’t consider it ‘my’ music. I channel the sound,” adding, “songs should come easily — good music happens quickly.”

Next time you visit Bookmans Speedway, take a careful look around. The employee assisting you might be the next big rock star!