By Guest Blogger, C’loni Bailey, Bookmans Enthusiast and Cosplay Connoisseur.

Have you ever wanted to get into comics but didn’t know where to begin? Have you been reading comics but don’t know what to read next? Do you enjoy watching awesome people geek out about the comics they love? Then The Wednesday Club is for you! The Wednesday Club is a Geek and Sundry Twitch show about everything comics, hosted by Matt Key, Amy Dallen, and Taliesin Jaffe (Critical Role), three of the most wonderful geeks you could ever watch. The Wednesday Club is the perfect show for comic newbies who want to get into comics but feel overwhelmed with all possibilities because, let’s face it, there are a LOT of the comics and it can be hard to know where to even start. Even just picking a superhero to start with can be complicated – there are so many timelines and alternate universes and mash-ups, oh my!

Fortunately, the hosts of The Wednesday Club have done all the work for you. Each episode is themed around a discussion of certain types of comics, characters, and publishers. Episodes such as Comics 101, comic previews, and superhero encyclopedias are a great way for any comic reader to get an overall sense of where to start. Then the episodes get more specific, discussing topics like the Spidverse, the Young Avengers, and all the Robins from the Batman comics. There is even a fantastic Pride episode discussing LGBT+ history and representation in comics (Episode 19: Love is Love) which featured special guest Marc Andreyko, gay comic writer and brilliant mind behind the “Love is Love” comic anthology benefiting the victims of the Pulse massacre (available at your local comic shop and from the IDW website).

In every episode, the hosts not only adorably geek out about the comics they love but introduce the audience to comics and creators that they may not be familiar with in a way that is both inviting and encouraging. The world of comics can be intimidating and somewhat unwelcoming to new comers at times, so it is wonderful to see a show that is so welcoming to new readers while avoiding the trap of being condescending to the audience. Watching The Wednesday Club is like being educated by the most fun, passionate teachers who want you to learn to love comics as much as they do. The show is not only limited to discussion traditional comics either. There are episodes discussing manga, comic con, and they even had a trading card party (literally a party with guests and pizza) where they bought a bunch of old superhero trading card packs and opened them on the show while discussing the history of trading cards.

Each episode is jammed packed with a ton of knowledge not just about the characters and comics themselves but also about the creators, publishers, the history of comics. You are guaranteed to learn something new with every episode and come away with four or five comic titles to check out on your own, so start saving up now.

You can watch the the Wednesday Club on the Geek and Sundry Twitch channel every Wednesday night at 7pm pacific, and if you subscribe to Geek and Sundry, you watch all the past episodes as well. What are you waiting for? Get watching and get reading!