110 degrees?! Ugh! That is serious heat and you can’t ignore it. The kids are out of school looking for something to do. Hiking is out. Kickball, soccer, baseball — they aren’t options unless you want a wilting family. Swimming might work — for maybe 20 minutes before you catch a burn. How many times can you go to the movies? Too expensive. Bookmans has just what you need to keep the kids out of the sun and in to the fun. Yes, it’s summer vacation, but kids still love to learn new things. Really!
Children's Nonfiction

Dani overheard a little girl giving reading suggestions to her younger sister at Bookmans Speedway. First she suggested “nonfiction”. We love hearing that word from someone so young. She suggested bios on female heroes. Dani looked around thinking, “Where are this girl’s parents; can I shake their hand?” Once she started paying attention Dani made an amazing discovery — children are way into nonfiction.
So many kids are into nonfiction that we have two dedicated children’s nonfiction displays at Bookmans Speedway. The titles are anything but boring. Start with books like Burp! by Diane Swanson and subtitled, “The most interesting book you’ll ever read about eating.” Burp! covers the basics of our digestive system. With illustrations by Rose Cowles this work is as informative as it is funny.
What’s So Striking about Lightening? by Roger Howerton is part of the Ask Max series and answers all your questions about weather. The book explains why it’s so hot and gives fun facts including information about the 1873 Kansas City frog storm.
Kids who like to wear smarty pants should read How to be a Genius. This lighthearted work can help you put your grey matter to work so you can calculate like Einstein or compose like Mozart.
One of our favorite nonfiction collections is The How series. In particular we enjoy volume 2, Your Disgusting Head. These books are as interesting to look at as they are to read. This volume takes a tongue in cheek (pun intended) look at the secrets of your ears, mouth and nose.
Your children will be so entertained by these intriguing titles they won’t mind learning. By the looks of things, that is what most kids want to do anyway. Who knew? We can not guarantee stock so call ahead if you would like to make sure we have a specific title, but the best way to find a good book is to meander your way through our collection. Stop by Bookmans this summer for fun OUT of the sun and remember to check our events calendar for fun free Summer Kids Events at all of our locations.