With a pilot by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for geek friendly AMC in development, now is the time to pick up a copy of DC’s Vertigo Comics Preacher. Created in 1996 by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher tells the tale of small town Texas reverend Jesse Custer, who, after being possessed by the creature Genesis and killing his entire congregation, develops the ability to speak the Word of God. Using his ability to control someone merely by telling them what to do, Jesse goes on a road trip across the country to find God, who has abandoned his post in heaven. Jesse isn’t your typical man of the cloth. He’s got a colorful past and lives within a moral gray. Accompanied by his hired hand/ex-girlfriend, Tulip O’hare, and Cassidy, a century-old Irish vampire, Jesse is on a mission to track down the all powerful being who up and quit the moment Genesis was born.

Bookmans Recommends Preacher

Preacher takes influences from classic westerns with John Wayne serving as Jesse’s conscience/spiritual guide and with backdrops like the Alamo. As Jesse, Tullip and Cassidy travel the country in search for God and answers, they occasionally have run-ins with The Saint of Killers, a quick drawing son of gun tasked with destroying the creature now taking up residence inside our protagonist. The fun doesn’t stop there! Serial killers, fallen angles, racist cops and a suicide attempt gone wrong turned rock star named Arseface (two guesses as to why his name is Arseface, guys) all have it in for Jesse and crew. Preacher is a fun ride. The story twists your usual supernatural story with lots of profanity and a plot filled with mythology. Also this Heaven looks almost science fiction-y, adding to the unique style and interpretation that is Preacher.


We have faith that Rogen and Goldberg will deliver. They have the comedic chops to keep true to the nature of Preacher and are total fanboys of the comics. We trust they will stay committed to the source material as much as TV will allow. We know what you’re saying, “But what about Green Hornet?” Shhhhh, just don’t think about it. Put that in the dark recesses of your mind to never to be thought of again. We’ve got a feeling Rogen, Goldberg and the network who brought us the godsend that is The Walking Dead will satisfy our every geeky demand.

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