It’s the Dog Days of Summer here at Bookmans, a time for us to show our love for our four-legged friends. We welcome plenty of dogs visit Bookmans on a daily basis, many of them capture our hearts and add fun to our day. In the spirit of the season, we shine the spotlight on our favorite customers — the dogs of Bookmans!

Dogs of Bookmans

Meet Lola, she is a Shitzu who shares her home with two Rag Doll cats, along with Mom and Dad of course. Given that the feline faction are larger than Lola, she relies on diplomacy and her charismatic nature to maintain household relations. Lola loves to fetch but she many talents. With Mom acting as coach and publicist, Lola mastered many tricks.

Duff is 2 year old English Bull Dog who not only gives high fives and kisses but is a veritable one man show. This rescue dog rolls over, plays dead and is an expert ball chaser. Life is not all fun an games for Duff. He is responsible for a five person family, a job he takes seriously. Duff’s favorite toy is Tiger, with whom he cuddles each night because he can’t sleep without him.

Bookmans Speedway is a popular canine meeting spot, as most dogs know, because doggies can always score a cookie here. Just ask Zippy. Zippy took up security in his retirement. He knows Bookmans by name and has visited us for 4 years. Zippy is in the Witness Protection Program and only spoke to us on terms of anonymity.

One of the largest dogs to visit Bookmans, Brady, is a 4-year-old Saint weighing in at 195 pounds with the height of 36 inches at shoulders. Brady has a degree in Service and works with Mom who has mobility issues. Things got hectic at work when Mom broke a bone in her hand. Luckily Brady helped Mom get safely to the emergency room.

Brady’s colleague is a yellow Lab named Alex. Alex has a stunning personality and isn’t intimated by Brady’s larger stature. He relies on his clever wit and winning smile to make friends. Alex also has his Service Certification and takes care of Dad. Both professionals worked hard to overcome their circumstances, after being rescued by Mom and Dad, they studied hard and earned their degrees.

Every Saturday Bookmans Speedway plays host to a different Animal Rescue to visit. During July, when we give special focus to animal welfare, there are extra events to attend. Stop by and introduce us to your Dog of Bookmans. They are always welcome. Just remember to bring their leases; we wouldn’t want them to loose you. As Zippy explains, “Humans tend to wander.”