Halloween is just around the corner, and it is the perfect time to talk about my newest obsession, Dungeons & Dragons. The expansive world of DnD has so much to offer, and along their journey, adventurers will run into some terrifying creatures. So from burning Balor to belligerent Beholders, here are the top five most terrifying Dungeons and Dragons monsters.

Dungeons & Dragons Balor


Remember that scene in Lord of the Rings when Gandalf the Grey is fighting a gigantic demon?

Ah yes. That’s the one. Well, this demon is basically what is known as a Balor in the Dungeons & Dragons world and golly, they are scary. These creatures are driven by an overwhelming and primal urge to wreak havoc. Typically you will find these demonic beings wielding a lightning sword and a whip of flame. If you want to kill one of these demons, I suggest you use a ranged attack because if it dies, IT EXPLODES. Did I mention it can also teleport up to 120 feet? Yeah. You might want to stay away from these.

Mind Flayer

Oh hi, Cthulhu. What’s on the menu tonight? Brains? Mind Flayers are time-traveling slave lords that roam the Underdark. In a far distant future, these creatures are rulers of a galactic empire, however, due to a massive slave rebellion, they are forced to travel backward in time to escape. To stay healthy, a Mind Flayer must consume at least one intelligent brain a month. That right there is enough to send chills down my spine.

Dungeons & Dragons Dracolich


We’re talking about Dungeons & Dragons, so why not include a dragon in this list? Specifically, the undead Dracolich. Okay, so this creature isn’t exactly a dragon, but instead, a Lich who is controlling the decaying body of a dragon. After you and your fellow adventurers take down the mighty Dracolich, don’t get too excited. The Lich are attached to a magical object called a Phylactery. Basically, when the corpse they are possessing is no longer suitable, they will return to their Phylactery and wait till another body comes along.


Whoever said beauty is in the eye of the beholder was strongly mistaken. Especially because these monsters have lasers that shoot from its eyes. These aren’t just normal lasers though. Beholders have a fear ray, sleep ray, disintegration ray, telekinetic ray, and of course a death ray. Thinking of destroying this creature with some magic? Sorry! A Beholder’s central eye suppresses all magic. Yeah, don’t mess with these things, but look out for them in Dwarven mines.

Dungeons & Dragons Gibbering Mouther

Gibbering Mouther

One of the main reasons why a Gibbering Mouther makes this list is what happens when you get close to one. If a Gibbering Mouther senses prey, its mouths will begin to murmur and chatter, each with a different voice: deep or shrill, wailing or murmuring, and crying out in agony or ecstasy. This creature is literally a gooey mess of flesh, eyes, and mouths, and it feasts on human flesh. Terrified yet?

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