Listen, Disney Channel Original Movies are LITERALLY the greatest. They are, hands down, THE BEST made for TV films known to man. My not-so-humble opinion, of course. Smarthouse, Zenon Girl of The 21st Century, The 13th Year, Luck of the Irish? I could go on all day naming noteworthy titles. But no season has produced better cinema than the fall/Halloween season. October is officially here and I am so excited that I just had to list my fave Disney OG movies about the coolest holiday on the calendar.

#3 Under Wraps

When three remarkably sweaty little twelve-year-olds discover a mummy in a “dead” man’s basement, they are initially scared before becoming fast friends. Because of course, they do. Poor Harold (the mummy) must be put back in his sarcophagus before midnight on Halloween or he will die (for real this time). Add in faked deaths, tax evasion, star crossed mummified lovers and you’ve got one classic all Hallows Eve tale.

Disney Halloweentown movie
Marnie, you’re a child. Stop.

#2 Halloweentown

Hey, did you ever wish you would discover you were actually a witch and got to go to a super cool witch school? Oh and I guess Halloween isn’t just a holiday BUT AN ENTIRE TOWN?!?!? With three sequels, this is by far the most successful Disney Channel Original Halloween movie. It’s basically a franchise.

13-year-old Marnie is never allowed to go out for Halloween. When Debbie Renoylds, AKA her grandmother, shows up for her annual Halloween visit she reads a bedtime story with incredibly familiar characters. Marnie and her buzzkill of a brother later follow their grandmother onto a magical bus and arrive in… you guessed it, Halloweentown! The kids soon get up to no good and whined up saving the town with their whole family from the totes smarmy Kalibar.


#1 Don’t Look Under The Bed

I know what you’re thinking. “Caity, isn’t Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus more deserving of the numero uno spot?” No. Hocus Pocus technically isn’t a DCOM and though Halloweentown has its scary moments and its sequels it is not scary enough to earn our top honor. That title goes to Don’t Look Under Bed.

A terrifying Disney classic that asks the question “How does a Boogeyman come to be?” Francis is very smart. So smart, in fact, that she’s starting high school a year early. As Francis is going about her super smarty pants business, things start to go awry in her town of Middleberg. Only on Disney is a town called Middleberg.

Suddenly everyone’s pointing fingers and blaming poor Francis. She’s getting it for dogs on roofs, the early alarms, and letter ‘B’ painted all over town. Francis maintains her innocence and is soon joined by Larry, a guy who drinks too much milk, dresses funny, and needs a manicure. He explains that one, he’s an imaginary friend, and two, that Francis is being framed by the Boogeyman. As Francis and Larry continue on their journey to prove her innocence, they discover there is more at stake than just Francis’s reputation.

What are some of your fave Disney Channel Original Movies? Are you more Brink or High School Musical? Tell us in the comments below and Happy Halloween!