Let us take you to a very special place, your happy place! It is a wonderland of treasures, where everything you love is there and everyone is smiling. We don’t have any lemon drops, but boy do we have sweet stuff! May is Geek Out month and Bookmans wants to introduce you to our uber elite, culturally reflective playland we call the Geek Zone.geek

Geek Zone is a kingdom of merriment, a joyous realm of imagination, a place where you will find that one fabulous item you have always wanted, even if you didn’t know you were looking for it. It has everyone covered, and all geeks welcome. Everything from Hello Kitty to Dungeons and Dragons is here.

Gaze into our new Geek cases and find the best, most unique comics, collectable cards and action figures from Star Wars to Manga. Does your Hobbit hole look a little bare? Are you a Whovian that needs a TARDIS poster? Maybe your Man Cave needs more Superman swag or your library needs a Sherlock poster.

Bookmans Speedway has a large selection of posters from your favorite shows, games and novels. Manga fans can complete graphic novel collections with hard-to-find missing issues. Is it role-playing games you want? We have shelves and shelves of them along with role-playing guides, dice and figures. Our Pokemon Club, cards and games are going strong, so we decided to add Magic cards to the inventory. That’s right, you can purchase all of your Magic the Gathering, D and D and or any other RPG equipment.

The best part is that you can make your purchase with trade credit, no cash needed. To keep Geek Zone well-stocked Bookmans is looking for all geek gear. East is currently buying Pokemon, Magic and Garbage Pail Kids cards, comic books, graphic novels, action figures and more.

We also have some fantastic events going on throughout the month so be sure to check out our events listings page. Don’t miss your chance at happiness. It’s right around the corner at the Bookmans East Geek Zone.