Bookmans Phoenix teamed up with Phoenix Health Geek to create Springtime Vision Board-inspired crafts at our monthly Crafty Café. Autumn Markley and Katie Greisiger, founders of Phoenix Health Geek, led guests of all ages in fun activities including vision boxes, whimsical mobiles and classic vision boards for a fresh start this Spring. Autumn shared her inspiration for the event on the Phoenix Health Geek blog.

Spring Self Cleaning

Springtime is the most beautiful season us desert dwellers get to enjoy. The beautiful weather, longer days and scent of orange blossoms refresh our senses. Our doors and windows that stood sentinel against the harsh 40-degrees of winter can now be flung open, allowing the bright sun to chase away the dense darkness…it’s time for a fresh start.

We appreciate Autumn’s tongue-in-cheek take on “harsh” Phoenix winters. This Spring, we look forward to new beginnings and making good things happen with the people in our community. Phoenix Health Geek is one of our favorite resources for mindful living and excellent ideas. For Autumn’s full post, please visit the Phoenix Health Geek blog. Here’s to a happy Spring!