The 13th of February typically means buying candy hearts and preparing declarations of love and devotion for that special someone in your life. While we enjoy seeing blissful couples come together to show their appreciation for one another, February 13 also marks a different kind of declaration in of itself — to divest from fossil fuels. Green minded individuals flooded social media with videos showcasing how they commit to divest from fossil fuels and invest in the planet in celebration of Global Divestment Day. This world-wide campaign was celebrated in Flagstaff with the Divestival at Heritage Square. Community partners and local businesses joined in on the fun making for this celebration.


Flagstaff’s Divestival featured group performances including Flagstaff Aerial Arts and a live DJ spinning tracks to keep the party going. With tables from organizations like Fossil Free NAU, Speak Up and Friends of Flagstaff’s Future. Divestival attendants received information about the countless ways we can rely less on fossil fuels. From riding your bike to making your own shopping bags using old T-shirts, there are plenty of ways to lessen your carbon foot print and help the environment.

Global Divestment Day

When Bookmans Flagstaff was challenged to make a video, we couldn’t wait to put our own Bookmans-esque spin on things. We showed off the re-usable totes sold at all Bookmans stores and demonstrated how our in-store bags are made from 100% recycled materials. Naturally we also featured the majestic grace of everyone’s fave fictitious animal, Unicorns.

Bookmans Speedway got in on the fun. They highlight their electric car charging station while being their charismatic and good-looking selves.

In addition to our totes and EV chargers, we strive to stay as green as possible. From BPA-free receipt tape, to energy efficient T5 lighting, to HVAC management systems, Bookmans works to make as little impact on the planet as possible. Even our cleaning supplies and toilet paper are gentle on the earth. We’d love to hear from you about the large and small ways you have worked to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels for Global Divestment Day and every day. Tell us how you #DoYourBest2Divest.