With the growing popularity of streaming services and our love of spending hours binge-watching the newest, greatest TV series, we are in no shortage of things to watch that quench our horror thirst. Or, if you’re like me, you may also enjoy curling up with a fluffy blanket reading so late into the night that every shadow makes you jump. And so we make horror adaptation our new go-to for scary glee.

Regardless of your penchant for scary, whether it be via the screen or page, here are some new and upcoming horror adaptation shows to get ready for adapted from their literary or audio counterparts.


horror adaptation from writer Joe Hill on AMC channel

AMC (first aired on June 2, 2019)
Based on the book and graphic novels by Joe Hill, illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III

Following in his father’s, famed horror author Stephen King, footsteps Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 follows a young character, Vic McQueen, as she discovers she has magical powers. Specifically, she’s able to track the seemingly immortal Charlie Manx. Manx (a la Pennywise) feeds off the souls of lost children, bringing them to ‘Christmasland’. 

NOS4A2 has been renewed for a second season slotted to air in 2020.


Netflix (first aired on January 25, 2019)
Based on the South Korean webcomic series The Kingdom of the Gods

Set in Korean a few years after the Japanese invasions of the 1500s, Kingdom follows Crown Prince Yi Chang as he embarks on a mission to investigate a mysterious undead plague that ravages the southern provinces. A plague that has reached the king, who is believed to be dead, when really what’s left is the monster the sickness has created. Dipped in a political conspiracy, Yi-Chang must stop the advancement of this plague while also surviving a coup against his family.

Season 2 of Kingdom began filming in February of 2019.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

horror adaptation from reddit and creepy pasta

The CW (season 2 aired on August 8, 2019)
Based on viral fan fiction 

This was originally five short films before the CW  anthology series expansion. Each episode is a short story of characters and a single plot. Those core story ideas come from two-sentences of viral creepypasta stories. 

Lovecraft Country

HBO (series premiere looks like sometime in 2020)
Based on the novel by Matt Ruff

HBO brings on executive producer Jordan Peele in this adaptation of Matt Ruff’s novel. Lovecraft Country follows Atticus Black as he joins his Uncle George and friend Leticia on a road trip. Where are they going? To find Atticus’ father in 1950’s Jim Crow America. What begins as a struggle to merely survive turns sinister as Lovecraft monster mythology meets reality.

Sidenote: Lovecraft Country was a recent book club pick by Bookmans Northwest’s Backroom book club where it as universally agreed to be an amazing book steeped in deep, dark themes.


Facebook Watch (first aired on October 16, 2019)
Based on the podcast of the same name and novel by Cote Smith, Zack Akers, and Skip Bronkie

Based on the hit fictional podcast of the same name, Limetown follows journalist Lia Haddock as she reports for American Public Radio (APR) about the mysterious disappearance of 300 people from a neuroscience research facility nestled in Tennessee. This horror adaptation is the culmination of everything we love.