Everyone’s favorite celebration is almost here — May the 4th Be with You, Star Wars Day! In honor of our favorite classic sci-fi series, we were inspired to do a Star Wars-themed craft tutorial. The best part of this craft is that is easy, fast, cheap and most of all fun! After you are finished, challenge your closest friends to an all-out light saber duel.

Light Saber Tutorial Finished 2

Materials: (You can probably find most of the materials around your house. If not, you can pick them all up at your local 99cent store. That’s what we did!)
Pool noodle, color of your choice
Duct Tape
Permanent Markers (We used black and Red.)

Light Saber Materials

Step One:
Decide on the length for your light saber. Cut your pool noodle into to that desired size. We cut our noodle in half and it was the perfect length.

Light Saber Tutorial Step 1

Step two:
Starting at one end of the noodle, use the tape to make a “plus sign” at the base of your noodle to cover the end. This will be the handle of your light saber.

Light Saber Tutorial Step 2

Step three:
At the base of the noodle, which you just covered, wrap the duct tape around the noodle to complete the handle. Stop when it is at your desired handle length.

Light Saber Tutorial Step 3

Light Saber Tutorial Step 4

Step four:
Use your sharpie to create the design of your choice on the light saber. Every light saber can be a unique creation and as complicated or as simple as you please.

Light Saber Tutorial Step 5

You are finished and have created your very own light saber!

Light Saber Tutorial Finished

The last step is to find challengers for a battle of the light sabers.

Light Saber Fight

If your friends can’t rise to the challenge, then we can help you out with that. Check our event calendar to see what we have in store for you. May the Force be with you!