February is all about our Love of Reading. The spark that ignited many a book loving flame comes along when we are very young in the form of an imaginary rhyming world where lessons are plentiful and anything is possible. This is in the magical books of Dr. Seuss! The perfect way to share our infatuation with books is to honor this special children’s author. Additionally, our Seussabrations lead up to Read Across America Day on March 2, Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

seuss quote

Theodore Giesel is better known by his pen name, Dr Seuss. One of the most prolific modern children’s authors, 16 of the 100 best selling hardcover children’s books of all time were written and illustrated by Dr Seuss. His books commonly use rhyme and anapestic meter, which serve as an introduction to poetry. Although he made a point to not begin writing a book with a moral in mind his books cover social issues from environmentalism to racial equality. His illustrations often involve unconventional architecture and inventive machines that have specific uses. With such a variety of styles and themes it’s no wonder that that his work resonated with so many.

Cat in Hat at a Bookmans Seussabration

Anyone who has read a Dr. Seuss book to a child knows that something special happens when they hear his distinctive flow. Reading Dr. Seuss exposes kids to the rhythm and melody of language that help develop a lifelong connection to good writing. Allowing a kid to pick out his favorite Dr. Seuss book to read is way to encourage self expression and with over 60 books published by Dr. Seuss there is no shortage of options. This month Bookmans celebrates the Love of Reading. At all of our locations there will be events honoring this important tradition so be sure to check out our events calendar or stop by a store to find out more.

Dr. Seuss Party