You’ll kick yourself for missing this one! MaricopaCon is Arizona’s first Kickstarted gaming convention.

When you score those MaricopaCon tix

This family-friendly convention boasts three straight days of board games, miniature games, RPG events, card games, and paint-and-take. With its origins in the local gaming community, MaricopaCon brings together the best GMs and game designers from the Valley. It’s a great place to meet fellow gamers and discover locally-created Kickstarter games.

I think we all feel this one

At Bookmans, we’re proud to be part of this event! Visit our table between games for fun freebies, tabletop games and RPG supplies, and gaming-themed collectibles.

MaricopaCon is Aug 19-22 at the Sheraton Crescent, 2620 W Dunlap Ave, Phoenix. Get tickets here.