Calling all intergalactic bounty hunters, Storm Troopers and Cantina players: The Force is strong in you. If you have a valid opinion on who shoots first or if you can successfully explain what Han means when he says the Falcon made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, then you, young Jedi, must attend May the Fourth festivities. If you are getting your Fourth on for the first time, before you borrow that Lando Calrissian baby blue blouse and cape, take a sec to learn some Lucas lingo. Prepare for celebrations bigger than the Death Star’s Kyber Crystal-powered superlaser.

May The Fourth Be With You With These Helpful Tips

Learn the interworkings of the Jedi lightsaber.
It’s not just a laser, guys. The lightsaber is the result of a long arduous journey to find kyber crystals by Jedi younglings. These crystals focus force energy to the saber’s plasma blade. Fun fact: Kylo Ren’s lightsaber uses a cracked kyber crystal, hence it has that static quality and the cross guard design. The unstable force energy is circulated out the sides.

Be mindful of Force sensitivity.
Not everyone who is Force-sensitive or forceful is a Jedi, Sith or Skywalker. The theories of secret Jedi or force-sensitive individuals are endless and include characters like Han Solo, R2D2 and even, if you can believe it, everyone’s favorite cringe-worthy mistake, Jar Jar Binks. R5D4 is also included in the list of forceful individuals. If you can’t place the name, R5D4 is the droid Luke first chooses on Tatooine. R5D4 conveniently malfunctions as Luke leaves with his new droid, resulting in the purchase of R2 instead. For the full story pick up a copy of Skippy the Droid.

May The Fourth Be With You With These Helpful Tips

Get your hands on some accessories.
Whether it be blasters, lightsabers or cinnamon hair buns, if you plan on cosplaying, go all out. Nothing scores more fellow geeky-minded friends like a detailed smuggler’s outfit or a gold bikini–provided you bring a coat if you get cold.

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