By Paul Lee, Event Liaison for Bookmans Flagstaff

Residents of Flagstaff often see a bumper sticker with the letters “BLE” and many know immediately what those initials represent. Having relatively recently moved to Flagstaff, I often encounter this sticker and wonder what it means. In particular, I see BLE on a sign during my frequent visits to Buffalo Park. Eventually, I got around to looking it up.

Nate Avery and the Best Life Ever

It didn’t take me long to find the BLE Flagstaff website, which encourages people to “Live Your Best Life Ever.” The website serves as a tribute to Flagstaff born and bred, Nate Avery, a Pediatric Neurosurgeon and all-around great guy who met an untimely death in 2012 at the age of 45 when he slipped, fell and hit his head at Lake Powell. After each of his adventures, Nate would say, “That was the best day ever!”

I answered my Buffalo Park question when I learned The Flagstaff City Council named a trail that runs around the perimeter of the park the Nate Avery Trail. Avery was fond of running this trail. BLE Flagstaff also hosts a fun run in Nate’s memory for which participants can experience a “super epic, self-timed, sorta 5k-ish, mega party run walk or stand.” Sounds like my kind of gathering!

BLE Flagstaff continues to honor Avery through efforts to “pay it forward” with “random acts of kindness” as Avery embodied those actions. They encourage people to live their Best Life Ever. Next time you see one of BLE Flagstaff’s stickers, perhaps you will be inspired as well.