If there’s one thing Bookmans employees love unanimously, it’s music. Some of us are readers, some gamers and others musicians, but something we all relate to are musical vibes. We pump it through the speakers in our stores, we chat about it while buying on the counter and for some of us it gets played on our instruments. To help you get to know us a little better over here at Midtown, we asked some of our phenomenal employees to tell us their current favorite song. We know this can be the supreme challenge, but they all took it well.


Mariko, our Visual Merchandiser loves Run the Jewels. Her favorite song is “Love Again.” Mariko does not stop moving when working her entire shift. One moment you’ll see her re-arranging books on display and before you can turn your head she’s already down in the basement hauling a new fixture up the stairs. It’s no wonder this song is her go to after a long, hard day.

There isn’t a single person on this planet who loves Fleetwood Mac more than Heather, the only chick who’s rocking our Music Department. Heather spends her days buying on the counter and stocking our CDs, vinyl and DVDs. She’s a complete team player and is your go-to chick when you need a hug and words of encouragement. Her favorite Fleetwood Mac song is “Seven Wonders.”

Have you ever noticed our beautiful kids room? That’s all thanks to the hard work Jessy continues to put into the section. Jessy pours her heart and soul into ensuring all the best kids books are on the shelves as fast as possible. Between buying books on the counter and pricing as fast as a Nascar racer, there’s one musician that keeps the grooves flowing and the work at bay – Leon Bridges, need we say more?

Of course the head of our Music Department has the most obscure song choice – “Creep” by TLC. Just kidding! Anthony has the best taste in music and if ever you’re in need of a great recommendation he’s definitely your guy. “Mother Sky” by Can is “a 14:30 minute krautrock epic that sounds like it comes straight out of a 1970’s heist movie. It really stuck with me,” he says.

James, also known as Nesta, oversees the Musical Instruments department. A musician himself and a deep well of musical knowledge, he’s almost too good to be true. Sporting an Amigo The Devil sticker on his coffee mug, it’s no wonder his go-to song is “Dahmer Does Hollywood.” Let grandma listen to THAT song for breakfast.

Our musical tastes are as diverse as the employees themselves. Now here is the best part. You can check out these musicians and their songs in our CD, cassette tape and vinyl sections. Every. Single. Day. We always have new items hitting our shelves, which means you’ll find new treasures each time you walk into a Bookmans. There’s new music awaiting you around every corner as well as an employee who can talk your ear off about some of their favorite go-tos. Stop by to boost your day and trade in your old music for new music.