You probably know that Bookmans carries movies. We have in stock literally hundreds of titles in every genre — horror, science fiction, action, drama, comedy, date night, family and kids titles as well as T.V. shows both animated and live action. Take a look at our nonfiction DVDs covering all areas of interest. We’re sure to have a “true story” title to intrigue, entertain or educate you and your family.

nonfiction dvds

Browse our selection of foreign titles. Check out Dominique Standaert’s Hop, winner of two Belgian Academy Awards, Buster International Children’s Film Festival and Berlin’s International Film Festival. This film covers the seemingly simple act of a father and son watching a soccer game. Try Cirque Du Soleil’s Corteo. We also have films by Hayao Myyazaki in Spanish.

If the supernatural interests you, try our paranormal film titles and documentaries. Check out Ghost Hunters or ISPR Investigates Ghosts of England and Belgrave Hall. If science films catch your eye, try What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole. This Quantum Edition release takes the viewer on a trip into the fascinating world of quantum physics. Top physicists, engineers, biologists and mystics have a look at the link between science and the spirit.

Our corner of the world is examined in Cochise County, USA Cries from the Border. This Official Selection from the Liberty Film Festival explores life and death along the Arizona/Mexico border.

The unusual and out of the ordinary is covered with films like the History Channel’s Mega Disasters and Delta’s Space Views. Examine our planet’s past natural disasters or enjoy actual views from NASA’s space shuttle. Our National Parks series with Ken Burns is a vacation in your living room.

Skip Entertainment Tonight and ET Insider and instead grab a copy of Jay-Z Fade to Black or Tennessee Williams’ South. We have titles that cover the lives and accomplishments of entertainers, politicians authors and more among our biography DVDs. Enjoy rock concerts live and in your home with tour videos.

History is fascinating with documentaries like Iwo Jima: 36 Days of Hell. This true story covers the gripping events of one of the toughest battles our Marines ever faced. Military, political, and personal history is brought to life on DVD.

Take a break from the burning heat of an Arizona summer and have an educational movie day with Bookmans nonfiction DVDs. Be amazed at how fascinating our nonfiction titles are with everything from documentaries, instructional videos, concert videos and children’s education. Learn how to house train your puppy, improve your golf swing, amp up your workout or speak another language. Enjoy all that our nonfiction DVD section has to offer. You will be glad you did.

* Bookmans is your store to explore. You can enjoy an afternoon browsing our shelves for DVDs, but if you’re looking for a specific title, please feel free to call ahead. We’ll be happy to check our shelves for you and place an item on temporary hold.