It’s still Movie Madness month at Bookmans! Sure, everyone is talking about Suicide Squad or the latest Hollywood hits – but what about those films that are very often overlooked? We’re talking about those oddball films filled with nostalgia, usually made with no budgets, the not-very-common, yet have built a cult following in their own right. With the recent announcement that Japan based Funai would cease production on the very last made VHS player, and the production of VHS tapes officially ended in 2008, my Movie Madness is raging. If you missed Part One, you can rewind to here. Otherwise grab the remote, sit back and enjoy Part II.

Brain Smasher, Andrew Dice Clay 1993
First Came Eastwood, then Stallone and Schwarzenegger, and now an unlikely addition smashes his way into the ranks of contemporary action heroes…Andrew Dice Clay. Along for the ride in this non-stop thrill fest is Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher as Dice’s love interest. Brain Smasher is the hippest Action/Comedy ever!

Movie Madness

From the Video Box:  “His name is Ed Malloy, professional bouncer. He’s the best in the business with lethal fists and Zen-like manner that have earned him the nickname “Brain Smasher”. When an international supermodel becomes the  target of a gang of killer ninjas, the bouncer and the model team-up to stay alive. With little in common except mutual attraction, the romance sparks and spectacular street combat sequences provide the wall to wall action while the laughs keep flying.”

If You Could See What I Hear, Marc Singer 1983
This was another one of those movies shown multiple times over in the early days of Showtime and Cinemax. Its an amazing comedy, a bittersweet romance and much more. Marc Singer who most know from The Beastmaster delivers an incredible performance that was once hailed by a Hollywood reporter as “warm, funny and above all celebrates the joie de vivre of it’s principal character.” It is a hard film to track down, but it is well worth the search indeed.

Movie Madness

From the Video Box: “Marc Singer portrays Tom Sullivan, a young blind man who realized heights of achievements few sighted people ever reach. When the breakup of a college affair leads Sullivan to find solace in music and daredevil sports, we get to share this unique man’s coming of age…finding the woman he loves and coming to terms with his boundless ambitions and his handicap. Its a thoughtful and soaring celebration of the pure joy of being alive.”

The Kid From Left Field, Gary Coleman 1979 
Coming off his fame on TV’s Diff’rent Strokes, child actor, author, rap artist, comedian, politician, and fellow Star Wars fan Gary Coleman was everywhere. He had commercials, catch phrases, and even “roasted” Mr. T with Dean Martin. What boy didn’t want to be him?  This 99 mins of pure World Series joy was originally aired as a TV movie. Matching Coleman’s charm was Broadway legend Robert Guillaume and Ed McMahon. Gary Coleman will once again hit a home run into your heart.

Movie Madness

From the Video Box: “Padre Owner Fred Walker is seriously considering selling his bottom-ranked teams, until he hires Jackie Robinson (JR) as a bat boy. Miraculously, the Padres are transformed into a lean, mean winning machine and the players are convinced they have found their Lucky Charm. Now the Padres are winning their way to the World Series and it’s all because of JR. But, an interfering social worker may put and end to their winning streak and its JR’s job if they can’t stop her.” 

Still can’t get enough of these forgotten treasures? Are you ready to replace the AA’s in the remote and heat up the Jiffy Pop to satiate your Movie Madness? Well then, join me next week, for “Movie Madness: Tales From the VHS Video Vaults Part Three” where we explore even more obscure titles. In the meantime remember to “Please Be Kind, and Rewind”.