Bookmans Ina has a new Musical Instrument Supervisor. Paul Tiller totally rocked our electronics department for the past 3 years, but with his vast knowledge and complete passion for music, it was a no brainer to name him the new head honcho for the instrument department. We have total confidence in Paul’s treble shooting, but we’ll let him speak for himself.

Musical Instrument Supervisor Paul Tiller

What’s Your Music Background?
Lots and lots of cello, piano and guitar combined with years of band rehearsals.

What Instruments Are Your Favorites to Play?
Keyboard and guitar hands down!

Who Are Your Musical Influences?
You know how Sheryl Crow wants to soak up the sun? Well, I want to do that with music. I love a lot of it.

What Music Have You Found Yourself Listening to Lately?
Townes Van Zant, Thievery Corporation, Kala Shaker and Steven Wilson. Also, a lot of death metal.

What Is the Hardest Part of Being a Musician?
Finding the right people to play along with while keeping it fun and not treating it like a job.

What Are Your Long Term Goals for Your Music Career?
Keep on truckin’, ramblin’ and rumblin’!

Do You Have Advice for Aspiring Musicians?
Listen to as many genres of music as you can and start bands with your friends.

What Musical Instrument Items Are We Always Looking For?
Acoustic and electric guitars!

Can You Give Our Customers Tips for Trading In?
Even if you don’t think we will want it, we probably do! Bring it in and let us check it out!

Find yourself asking questions about instruments already? Paul is a go to source for all your musical endeavors. Stop by Bookmans Ina to pick his brain, have him show you our great selection of instruments or bring in your musical trade! Bookmans is the place to geek out over your passions and with Paul running the show for all things music you’ll feel right at home.