Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a graphic novel binge. They can usually serve as a quick read between book club reads and as I make my way through my TBR. I try and take suggestions wherever I can get especially from the experts here at Bookmans. And the last five I’ve read have been so good I must recommend.

Currently, I’m up to Rat Queens Vol 3: Demons. Female friendship can be a complicated thing. Wiebe explores this in a world where women can grow beards, assassins and bounty hunters have torrid love affairs, and candy and beer are what’s for dinner. Yum!

A fellow book clubber suggested I read Saga. I am a sucker for the broad sweeping sci-fi epic which is precisely what Saga serves. Forbidden love where the protagonists struggle to keep their small family together amid their planets’ decades-long war. It checks all my boxes. Once I read one, I had to get my hands on the rest and the next thing I knew I had made my way through all nine volumes. I can’t wait for the full compendium to come out in October. Now is the perfect time to hop on board if you haven’t read Saga. According to Previews World #54 is the halfway point in the series.

Paper Girls story begins during Halloween 1988. So if you’re a fan of Stanger Things and the whole 80’s nostalgia vibe you’ll love following these teens as they navigate their way through an alien invasion. Also, written by Brian K Vaughan, like Saga, I guess I’m on a bit of a Vaughan kick at the moment.

Graphic Novel Scarlet cover

The intensity of Maleev’s images combined with Bendis’ original story structure unravels a tale of loss, vengeance, and a call to action. I can’t wait to read the second one, and it’s currently in development as a series for Cinemax.

Sometimes it’s nice to read a one-off graphic novel. The narrative begins and ends all in one edition. Beautiful Darkness is unique in that the all watercolor images created by Kerascoët portray what on the off-set looks like a good-natured forest civilization with quaint creatures but spirals into darkness as the novel progresses.

Up Next

Graphic Novel The Lie and How We Told It by Tommi Parrish

An LGBTQ story with a title derived from a Yo La Tengo song – sign me up! I’m currently searching for a copy in our stores.