Bookmans Ina hosts geek-tacular crafts for our weekly Craft-A-Palooza! Whether it’s Doctor Who that gets you going or Adventure Time, we’ve got something in store for geeks of all stripes. Have you always wanted your own golden snitch like the one in Harry Potter? Or maybe you want a light saber but don’t want to spend the money. Stop by each week for a different character themed craft! Here’s our Ninja Turtles tutorial to get you started.

Nina Turtles Tutorial

-Toilet Paper Roll
-Green Paint
-Black Permanent Marker
-Googly Eyes
-Construction Paper Reflecting the Color Palate of Your Favorite Turtle


First — Paint the toilet paper roll green.

A note here: TP rolls don’t have a reputation as hygienic. For this craft, you can cut to scale a paper towel roll or a shortened roll from your cling wrap or a TP roll that hasn’t been put to unseemly use. We’ve heard of people baking the rolls, but that seems a bit fire hazard-y. If the thought of using TP rolls doesn’t bother you, rest assured that you are in good company. As long as the “toilet roll centres look clean, there is no reason why they should not be used.” For more information on the reuse of paper rolls, read an Ode to Toilet Roll Tubes.


Second — Using your ruler, measure and cut a 1 inch strip. This will be your turtle’s face mask.


Third — Glue the mask first and then the googly eyes onto your turtle body.


Last — Draw on a smile and small nose. For extra authenticity you can cut an extra piece of construction paper to add to the face mask.


Enjoy your homemade Ninja Turtle and relish in its repurposed attributes! Don’t forget to stop by Bookmans Ina from 1 to 2 p.m. every Saturday in May for our Geeking Out crafts!