Is there a certain subject in which you consider yourself an expert? When this topic comes up in conversation does your heart rate increase? When you learn someone you know shares this interest, do you automatically like them more? If you answered yes to these questions then, congratulations, you are officially a geek. Fandom keeps Bookmans alive and that is why we celebrate the geek in all of us. Geeking out isn’t just for our customers, we have been known to get geeky as well. When we asked Mario Derderian, a member of the the Bookmans Grant Book Department and a floor manager, what makes him geek out, he happily explains.

mario derderian

What is your favorite thing to geek out over? Doctor Who.

When did you start watching? I have been watching for a few years. I was going through a rough time and watching the show was really healing.

What is your favorite Doctor Who moment? When Doctor Who meets Vincent Van Gogh. Anyone who knows the show will understand why.

What episode would you show someone to get them into the show? Blink, it is extra creepy and fun. It is a great primer for the show.

What do you like about Sci Fi? Sci Fi allows you to let loose. You can tackle big issues without being pretentious. I see Star Wars as being about mythology, and Star Trek as the potential of humanity. It allows you to be optimistic.

Who is your favorite Doctor? Peter Capaldi, because I can relate to how he sees the world.

What kind of Doctor do you see yourself being? I would like to think I would exemplify my favorite qualities of all the doctors. Through watching the show I have gained more acceptance of our shadows. It makes me want to strive to be better, not to reject the dark parts, but to build upon them.

With knowledgeable and enthusiastic people like Mario to hang out with, Bookmans is a geek’s natural environment. Geekdom is not limited to Sci-Fi. You can be a romance novel geek, a comedy geek or a viking metal geek, which is why we keep our stores stocked with items that will make even the most stoic of geeks do a happy dance. This month is a great time to stop by and let your geek flag fly!