Summer is here and with it some awesome movies all vying for our attention and box office dollars. Summer may be when most of Arizona is currently melting into the concrete, sorry Bookmans Fam, but it is also when all the latest blockbusters hit the scene. Here at Bookmans we love movies…. obvi. It’s why we buy sell and trade em. So, of course, our trade counter is abuzz with talk on the which movies we can’t wait to see. Want to know what we will be checking out this season? Then read on my friends. Read on!

  1. Spider-Man Far From Home- duh

Release Date- July 2nd

Obviously, the next Spider-Man made the list! Spidey’s got a new suit and five years of homework to catch up on. But luckily all of his friends are starting over after the snap too. So convenient! Now the whole class is heading to Europe because apparently, they are those kids at school. You know the ones who can afford to take all the school trips. In my day it was DC but I digress. Peter, Ned and Michelle/MJ? all take a trip across the pond where they run into none other than Mysterio! Check it out on July 2nd.

2. Shaft

Release Date-July 14th on Netflix

Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about (Shaft!). That’s right the baddest dude on the block is back in this sequel (ish) to 2000’s film of the same name and of course the infamous 1971 film and TV movies. The film stars Samuel L Jackson returning as John Shaft, nephew/son to Richard Roundtree’s Shaft Character from the 70’s and will feature three generations of Shaft men fighting crime and kicking ass. Plus the hilarious and talented Regina Hall plays Shafts (Jackson) former flame and Jr’s mother. Catch it on Netflix July 14th!

3. The Lion King

Release date- July 19th

Disney’s latest remake is The Lion King and we are so excited to see the literal all-star cast take on these classic and beloved characters. With Donald Glover and Beyonce not to mention James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa with all the original music and maybe a few new tracks, The Lion King will be a spectacle you’d be hard pressed to miss. Don’t miss this epic African adventure come to life July 19th!

What are some films or Tv your excited to check out this Summer? Let us know in the comments below and stop by your local Bookmans to see what we can’t stop talking about on our employee recommends shelves.