Bookmans supports you in whatever changes or improvements, likes, dislikes and just plain everything in 2017. We’ve got countless self help, exercise and overall health related literature to aid any number of resolutions. We are all about what makes you feel like the best version of you or help you realize your passion for something you may have never read, watched or played. We’re all about those quirks (bout those quirks, bout those quirks, no judgment) that complete the profile that you keep in the shadows. This includes the movie, music and lit genres deemed “guilty pleasures” that have you geeking out. As part of our Jan-YOU-ary campaign we celebrate the the silly shows you watch, the chart topping pop music you can’t help but dance to and novels you never take out in public – genres that have difficulty even getting reviews. You like what you like and we think that’s great.
romance novels

As part of Jan-YOU-ary let’s talk about a genre of books that makes up over 30 percent of mass-market paperback sales. This genre is incredibly successful with novels flying off the shelves. Though it’s undeniably popular, many readers purchase these novels in secret. What is this widely read yet seldom acknowledged genre? Romance! And we love loving love lit.
This lusty genre is enjoyed by millions, both male and female, but the stigma associated with romance novels often has its readers buying the books in secret. Often romance readers sneak their latest paperbacks into their homes or prohibit themselves from purchasing these novels unless they are in coverless format. Readers, come out the shadows! Bookmans carries all the historical, fantasy and contemporary romances you can dream of. We’ve got beloved authors like J.R. Ward, Nora Roberts and all the shades of grey Miss James created. We think it’s awesome that you read these books. You should totally own it. You should be like, “Hey! You see this book? The one with the muscle clad hero sporting a kilt on the front cover? Well, I liked this book. It is fun and I’m awesomer for having read it.”
The romance community is vast and you have tons of company in your love for these books. If you avidly read romance novels and aren’t already aware of them, check out Smart Bitches. They’ll help you give an edge to your secret indulgence.
Don’t feel guilty the next time you’re in the mood for a little smut. Just visit your local Bookmans and proudly peruse all the romance novels we have in stock. Then march up to the register, place that paperback on the counter and let everyone know you’ll be engaged for the duration of the read. It’s likely your friendly cashier also enjoys romance novels as well.