School is out for summer and we’re giving ourselves the break we deserve. We’ve traded our backpacks for swim trunks and textbooks for television. We’re having the time of our lives. We don’t want to think about education when we’re having this much fun, but summer learning loss is real. We experienced it every year from our first holiday vacation in grade school to our senior year of college, but there are fun ways keep your mind active.

Stay Sharp Summer

Start in our electronics department. While they not be mom’s number one choice for summer entertainment, some studies show that video games can have positive effects on the brain. Certain games have been shown to improve areas of the brain responsible for spatial navigation, memory formation, strategic planning, fine motor skills in the hands and reading skills in children with dyslexia. Want to practice your math skills before the semester starts back up? We’ve got a variety of calculators! Our electronics department stocks learning software, tablets, laptops and other gadgets that will help you stay sharp outside of the classroom.

We have a large selection of board games and puzzles appropriate for all ages. While board games are obviously a great way to build social skills and have fun with friends and family, they are also useful in improving number and shape recognition, literacy skills, visual perception and color recognition, and hand-eye coordination. Puzzles are an excellent way to pass the time, as well as strengthen your concentration, memory and sharpness.

How about that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn how to play but never quite had the time to? Summer time is a great way to pick up new hobbies, and music might just be one of them. From ukeleles to clarinets, we have what you need. Whether you want to start a band or you want to join your school’s band, we’ve got something from the brass, winds, strings, and percussion family! Do you already have an instrument, but you’re not sure what to play? We’ve got sheet music galore-from beginners kits to expert tablature.  Our musical instrument department also offers accessories for all your instrument needs.

Music has been proven to increase creativity. Put on your favorite album and let the creative juices flow. You might create something incredible! In our music department, you can also find movies of all genres. Check out our documentary section to find a subject that interests you. You’ll impress your teachers when you return from break full of exciting new information.

Use these months to  catch up on your classics, brush up on biology and sharpen up on psychology. Books are the best way to educate yourself on the subjects that interest you without attending a class. Philosophy, religion, history and astronomy are a few fascinating subjects that we carry on our shelves. Perhaps you look to use these few months off to improve yourself physically and mentally. We have an impressive selection of self-help books, as well as diet and health. Are you using this time off to travel to that country you’ve been dying to visit? Stock up on travel and language books to stay prepared for whatever culture shock comes your way. Whether you’re crossing off titles from your summer reading list or you’re reading for pleasure, we have something for you.

Are you looking to get into shape, take a camping trip or go hiking this summer? Bookmans has something for that, too! Our new Bookmans Sports has a great selection of equipment and accessories for every athlete. We also offer free fitness classes throughout the week. What better way to start off the school year than being healthier in both your body and your mind?

If summertime boredom has gotten the best of you, each of our stores offer free summer events. From our free weekly Summer Kids Events to Scrabble club, we are on a mission to keep all of our guests sharp and entertained.