A flash of red flames against a dark skyline, a caped figure leaps into the frame, muscled, face hidden behind a mask but carefully exposing a chiseled jaw. Who is this unknown hero? Has he come to save the day or is he part of the Dark Side? Maybe he isn’t a he at all.

Speedway Comics

We know the irresistible draw, the quickening of our heartbeat when we see a superhero in action. It is an essential piece of our cultural landscape, part of the world, however imaginary, that most Americans have grown up in, and we love it. We each have a favorite comic book character, the one who we connected with as children and that most of us still adore. Ask the question, “Who is your favorite Superhero?” and watch the person’s eyes light up. We transport to a fantastic universe where good triumphs over evil and heroes look great in red tights. Brave and moral characters defy gravity, see through concrete and breathe under water.

The best part of comic books and superheroes is that you need never outgrow them. Like their ever-youthful lives, our love for them is eternal. We can’t, won’t, imagine a world without their presence. They are hope; they are excitement; they are us as we want to be, brave and powerful. They make us happy.

Bookmans Speedway has a whole lot of happy on our Comic Book/Super Hero display and in our Geek Case. Grab your cape and dash over to check out the latest in wonder wares. Bookmans Speedway has debuted our collection of collectable metal signs with your favorite comic characters in action. We also have comic book bundles, buttons, books, videos, video games and action figures galore.

Our fun doesn’t stop at stuff to eyeball. We have games, cards to trade and share, clubs and events so you can participate in the magic. Meet others who share your passion for hero worship at one of our crafting events, viewings, game nights or Pokemon clubs. There is so much to see and do at Bookmans Speedway and all our entertainment exchanges. Visit our events calendar to find out more. For a close up of the exciting Wonder Wares we have go to our flickr feed to see the latest.

* Bookmans can not guarantee stock. If you are interested in a specific title mentioned in this article, give Bookmans Speedway a ring at 520.748.9555. Bookmans is the place to browse, but it’s a good idea to make sure the title is still on our shelves before you come in.