Once upon a time, in an arid land, where the sun rained heat and the wilted inhabitants sought a precious piece of shade, school was back in session early and younger siblings and their caregivers grew bored. Never fear gentle lords and ladies, Bookmans Speedway is your knight in shining armor who carries the golden challis of entertainment. Nothing calms the bellowing hoards of children loosed upon the land freed from the constraints of apprenticeship or soothes the the frayed nerves of their guardians like a good fairy tale.

Speedway Fairy Tales

These are the stories carried on the currents of time through countless generations and stories adapted to the times. The newly worked tales have been rethought, reworked and imaginatively cut taut to represent our curious times. They are also available in many forms: movies, naturally, but also graphic novels, fictional books, audio stories and puzzles. We propose these humble offerings to start you on your quest for entertainment and, the holy grail of frayed nerves, peace of mind knowing the sprites are occupied and maybe even learning.

For videos Bookmans Speedway has a ever changing array of titles. Watch the Darkest Knight, Dragonheart, Season of the Witch, Iron Clad or Merlin’s Apprentice. Check out a classic tale like The Princess Bride or Beowulf. Learn about the Amulet of Peace that ensures harmony between humans and dragons until it’s broken in Earthsea or take a trip to Europe in 1348 where villagers have fallen under the shadow of Black Death and a fearsome knight must find a hidden village where a necromancer holds the keys to life in The Black Death. Little Red Riding Hood is re-imagined by Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman where the villagers of Daggerhorn vie with a werewolf in Red Riding Hood.

Spend an afternoon in the cool air with a Gothic tale. Bookmans Speedway has novels of wonder and adventure like the series by Gregory Maguire.  Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Son of a Witch, Mirror Mirror and A Lion Among Men give us a view behind the curtain of Oz. Graphic Novels such as Sandman by Neil Gaiman and George R. R. Martin’s Fevre Dream spin a great story and provide a feast for the eyes. Study times past in The Devil in the Shape of a Woman by Carol F. Karlsen and examine witchcraft in Colonial New England or read Judge Sewall’s Apology, the biography of of the Salem Witch Trials.

Bookmans Speedway also has fairytale puzzles to keep you cool and provide an evening of fun. Crafty kids and caregivers might tackle an artsy project to reinforce the imaginative world of fairy tales. We have plenty of arts and crafts books to get you started. Listen to one of our many audio books while you work your puzzle or craft.

We’re obviously not thinking of your preschoolers with some of these movie and book titles, but there’s always naptime. Wonders await thee and thine. The stout of heart and curious of character will both be intrigued by the tales of daring do found on our magical shelves.

* Bookmans can not guarantee stock. If you are interested in a specific title mentioned in this article, give Bookmans Speedway a ring at 520.748.9555. Bookmans is the place to browse, but it’s a good idea to make sure the title is still on our shelves before you come in.