Low is the life of a poor college student. Never having clean clothes because laundry is hard and, if you’re supposed to separate your darks from your lights, then by the old gods and the new, where do you put your gray Avengers cardi sweater!? Most importantly, what do you do with all those backpack busting used textbooks you were forced to buy even though your professor never once referred to them?

We have no answers for your laundry quandary, but we do have a suggestion in the matter of your used textbooks. Bring them to Bookmans, yo! We take your used movies, music and instruments so why wouldn’t we consider your copy of Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers? Well, if it’s covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust, we might pass. Even so, a lot could be gained by bringing your textbooks to Bookmans, like these five cool things!

Used Textbooks
Too sexy for your textbooks like Robert here? Bring them by Bookmans for trade credit.

* Use the Bookmans trade you earn to buy cool stuff. It’s a bit obvious, but Bookmans trade doesn’t expire and can be used at any Bookmans location. Build your retro vinyl collection or avoid studying for exams by playing with your Nintendo Switch.

* If you choose cash as payment, use that cash to buy food. Like real food! Maybe even a vegetable? Or a banana. You’ve lived off mac ‘n cheese and Red Bull for too long.

* Being a grownup means taking responsibility. We hate to say it, but sometimes we have to pass on books. Maybe we already have these books and the laws of supply and demand forces us to say nay. Or maybe as referenced earlier, the remnants of your Cheeto-y fingerprints make this book unsellable. We will make sure the books are recycled properly and not thrown in a landfill.

* Free stuff! Bring in your used textbooks and we will give you one free Bookmans exploding light bulb bookmark. Sure, they’re available for anyone, but they’re super cool. Mostly, they look rebel-y. Like, if The Fonz needed a bookmark he would totally use this one for all his recreational reading. These bookmarks have the addresses and phone numbers for all six Bookmans locations in case you ever feel the need to take the Bookmans Road Trip Challenge, which isn’t an official thing, but if you use #BookmansRoadTripChallenge on Instagram and take a pic of yourself at every Bookmans store we’ll probably make it a thing.

* Free up space in your dorm. Space is the college dorm equivalent to dragons in Westeros. You think it has disappeared forever, but then lo and behold, a patch of floor is made available and the game changes. Keep your pokey sword chair, Lannisters. We rule from atop a dragon’s back!

OH! One other suggestion: maybe quit with the Red Bulls. Instead, get addicted to coffee like a proper adult-ish Gilmore girl. If you go to the Bookmans store in Flagstaff the Flag Cafe will be happy to guide you through your new coffee habit.

There you have it, five spectacular reasons and a bonus suggestion to bring your used textbooks to Bookmans. If we can’t sell them we can still take them off your hands to be recycled. Either way, they will be out of your life and you will no longer be subjected to ugly reminders of that time you took a very eye-opening psych class (shivers). Bookmans Stores