The first of the year is full of energy and ambition. The holiday craze is over, out of state relatives have packed their bags and gone home and now you’re stuck with that gourmet food gift basket and no one to get it out of sight for you. Go ahead and indulge in every last bite with no remorse. Only then will you be ready to think about those new year resolutions. When that time comes, we have everything you need for inspiration to try something new, achieve your goals and work your way towards a better YOU!

try something new

We have your typical fitness books; from yoga and Pilates to weight training and running manuals, we have everything to get you feeling energized and in shape. We’ve got Denise Austen DVDs and even a few on guided meditations. But let this be the year you try something new. Check out Tony Hawks’s book on skateboarding or try belly dancing. We’ve got a box set of four VHS tapes with the inside scoop on belly rolling magic. Bookmans Sports can even get you set up with a new bike for your new goal, but don’t forget to grab a cycling manual from one of the entertainment exchanges.

While getting physical is the first step towards a better you, eating better is the next. We’ve got it all in cookbooks: Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, glutton free and, for those of you who love grilling, a plethora of barbeque and marinating books. No better time than the present to try out new recipes that incorporate better ingredients. Let us help you on the road to new and tasty treats that benefit your health.

try something new

If you aren’t feeling the hype to work out or cook, we can help you strengthen whatever resolve you have. Want a new hobby? Knitting, sewing, crafting, crocheting? The list is endless and so are our shelves, mostly! We have Knits for Nerds with a how to on Time Traveler scarves and Tank Girl socks. Learn how to sew with one of our many beginner’s books or even better, learn how to make monsters out of felt with a book by Jenny Harada.

Pick up an instrument. From banjos to harmonicas and keyboards to kazoos, you’ll be playing with the pros at The Rialto in no time. We’ve also got sheet music out the wazoo to get you started with nearly any instrument you have in mind.

Don’t stop there. Try wood working, welding, auto mechanics or carpentry. Cruise through the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT or whatever exam will get you to your educational goal. Start a corporation, survive a zombie apocalypse or talk to your cat. We have books on it all.

Don’t let old habits hold you back. It’s a new year and you can be a new you! Let us help you on the road to self fulfillment. We have everything you need to try something new. Call us or come in and allow us to help you find the perfect new project for your new year.