Walking into a craft store can be overwhelming when you see the price of some materials, which is why we spent an evening showing our customers how to turn their trash into recycled arts and crafts. We invited all ages to Bookmans Phoenix store for a little piggy fun. All March-long our staff helps us save and clean water bottles and containers so that families could turn them into custom piggy banks.

With a little snip here and a little snip there, a simple water bottle can be turned into a unique piggy bank ready to eat up your loose change and turn it into that item you’ve been saving up to buy. We provided googly eyes, bottles (pig body), markers, craft papers (pig pants), and chenille stems (pig tale) to transform trash into a treasure holder. The kids came up with some other great uses for the bank such as holding beads, buttons, toy cars or using the pig banks instead of junk drawers. Thanks to the kids and parents for sharing the fun evening with us and we hope you’ll continue your recycling at home and let us know of any other repurposing idea you come across.