My, oh, my, do we love video games! Bookmans Flagstaff is crazy for the entertainment these interactive multimedia systems provide. The video game section of our lovely store has everything, from old-school systems like the Atari to Gameboys to Skylanders and the latest systems from Nintendo like the Switch, XBox, and PlayStation. All can be purchased with Bookmans trade credit! If you haven’t happened upon this well stocked section of our store, allow us to give you a tour, introducing some of the amazing treasures you might find video game shopping at Bookmans Flag.

video game shopping at bookmans flagstaff

The trick to finding that next game you will conquer is to know the video game section layout. All of our stock is organized by console. Wii, XBox, and PlayStation are all present and accounted for. Our retro games like Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Sega Genesis are parked on the back wall neighboring Nintendo DS and PSP games. With this variety of video games available you’d be hard pressed to walk away empty-handed.

video game shopping at bookmans flagstaff

Occasionally a controller’s lifespan comes to an end and a replacement must be found. Bookmans Flag also has a well-attended video game hardware inventory. We’ve got controllers, wires, hard drives and more. You name the accessory, we’re likely to have it. Think you can’t find a Nintendo gun to play Duck Hunt outside of eBay. You’re wrong, friend. If gaming on your PC at home is your style, then check out the software we have on our shelves.

Like everything in our store, all of our video gaming inventory can be obtained using Bookmans trade credit. If you have old games that no longer interest you, bring them to the trade counter to see what kind of cash or trade you can get for them. All video games, systems, and hardware are tested by the pros in our Electronics Department and have a 7-day guarantee. If a recently purchased game isn’t for, you just bring it back with the receipt and price sticker for a refund or exchange. We want you to think of Bookmans Flag when you think of video game shopping.

Don’t forget! Bookmans Flag hosts regular video game tournaments too! Join in for a little friendly competition and a lot of bragging rights.

* Bookmans cannot guarantee stock. If there is a specific item mentioned in this post that you are interested in, give your local Bookmans a call and a staff member will be happy to assist you.