Bookmans’ goal is to help our customers discover new and interesting things at every visit to our stores. In one trip you can find a new favorite comic book, unearth books you’ve been meaning to read for years, grab some décor for your house, score some Blu-rays for movie night, explore generations of music, and play a few levels of a classic video game to get reacquainted with it. Ah! Browsing never sounded so incredible!

Excited man winning free video games and movies at Bookmans

What many customers have also discovered while shopping with us is that once in a while, for no reason at all, something extra-magical happens at Bookmans. A customer will get to the cashier with an armful of goodies and they’ll be rung up as usual. Then, all of a sudden, instead of getting a total, the cashier tells them that this purchase is free. Yes, FREE. Whatever they bought is on Bookmans’ tab, and they can leave with a bag full of awesome without any spending a dime.

That magic moment, that pretty-much-never-seen-in-retail encounter, happens twice a day, every single day at your local Bookmans store. This means that across Arizona, 12 people will walk out of Bookmans today with a free purchase, just because. And it’s been something that Bookmans has done for more than 20 years.

Why don’t we toot our own horns about it? Well, when it started, it just seemed like a really great way to reward our customers for shopping with us and supporting local businesses. Who wouldn’t want to get something for free? And at Bookmans, it’s better than just getting a free random thing with purchase. Because there’s nothing random about your buy.

Customers who shop with Bookmans come to our stores ready to set out on a journey of discovery. Even if you come in looking for one thing, you never know what may catch your eye. By the time you get up to the register, your arms are holding unique, curated, and already-loved items that you’ve chosen to add to your world. And that’s what makes the sweet, sweet sound of hearing that all of those things are on us so awesome. It’s not a free lip gloss or a bookmark or something you weren’t expecting. It’s things that you already love and want to spend money on!

To date, Bookmans has been honored to have given more than 87,500 customers their purchase for free. Every day we add 12 more winners to that tally. The best part of it all? You never know when it’s going to be your turn to win your purchase on us!