As summer approaches, you may be finding yourself with more free time on your hands. Yes, you can waste away the days on your smartphone scrolling through social media or mindlessly searching the web, but does that actually sound appealing? No, but most of us do it anyway, simply out of habit. Instead of having a summer not worth remembering, why not learn a new skill that you can carry with you and make it unforgettable? Learning how to play an instrument has TONS of hidden benefits that you might not know about and can contribute to your overall happiness.

Row of electric guitars hung on a wall at Bookmans

1. Discipline: It’s not easy learning a new instrument, but absolutely doable. It’s almost like a foreign language but in notes rather than words. To learn an instrument you have to stay at it for a while and PRACTICE. Like they say, “Practice makes perfect.” You have to start with the basics first since it’s highly unlikely you’ll be playing Beethoven within the first session or even the first 20 sessions.

2. Stress-Reliever: Yes, learning an instrument is a great stress reliever too! When you play it’s just you, your instrument, and the sounds that are emitted when you play. You have control over what you play and how it sounds which is actually pretty neat when you think about it. You can also go at your own pace, so you never have to feel rushed.

3. Confidence: I’ll just say it: Playing an instrument makes you seem more interesting. When people ask you what you do for fun do you ever struggle with an answer? Learning an instrument is a great connection you can share with people and will definitely give you that extra confidence boost when first striking up a conversation. I can’t think of a single person who just flat out doesn’t like music.

4. Creativity: There are hundreds of thousands of songs that you can learn to play, but playing an instrument also gives you the creative freedom to compose your own song. It may take time and lots of experimentation, but that’s part of the fun. New songs are being written each and every day. Yours could be next.

5. IT’S FUN: This is a huge one. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to feel drained. Playing music gives you the outlet that you need to take a step back and do something for yourself that’s actually enjoyable. Many people don’t have enough time for hobbies nowadays with work and daily responsibilities, but this is a hobby you can spend as much or as little time on as your schedule allows. You also have the freedom to learn whatever songs you please, which is an added bonus. There are no restrictions when it comes to playing music.

6. Improves Memory: If you’re similar to Dory from Finding Nemo, memorization isn’t your strong point. Learning an instrument can enhance your memory immensely. Eventually, you’re going to have to remember the chords and patterns — until you finally can play the whole song by memory. The repetitive nature of learning new music will eventually increase your overall memory.

7. Sense of Accomplishment: Playing an instrument is a lifelong skill that you can grow and develop. It’s no easy feat, but once you have that first song down, you’ll feel on top of the world and anxious to learn more. Music will never be a thing of the past. Music is here to stay and that’s something you can always be proud that you learned.

Not sure which instrument is right for you? Stop by your local Bookmans and we’ll help you select the perfect one. We have a plethora of instruments including guitars, drums, violins, and of course our very popular ukuleles.