Old Pueblo residents appreciate our good fortune to live with such lovely weather! National news reminds us that many communities are knee deep in wicked weather. We feel for you Buffalo, NY! Even so, we can’t help but pine for at least SOME snow. We are wishing for winter, any indication that it’s the holiday season. This is especially true at Bookmans Speedway because we received a winter wonderland of snuggley hats, scarves, mittens, gloves and socks. We will take any excuse to wear these winter accessories.

Fun Winter Accessories Include Snow Mask and Gloves

Straight from Peru, we have a colorful selection of gloves, both mittens and fingerless. Cut the chill and look fab in Andanzas Peruvian wool scarves, super soft, solid seams and wonderful colors to match your outer wear. Dapper Dans can check out our collection of fedoras. We have all the colors in the rainbow — perfect for a splash of fun on a cloudy day. Knit caps have gone to the dogs (and cats and ducks and even racoons). Have a look at our animal caps, complete with ear flaps and rooster combs.

No ensemble is complete without fingerless paw mittens. We have bears and more to keep your paws cozy. Fashion forward winter wishers will love our sheer print cotton scarves. These flowing, patterned, multicolored wraps are so pretty that you’ll want more than one. These scarves are more tempting than potato chips. Your choices are endless, get one of each day of the week!

Don’t forget your toes. We have thick knitted socks from Carmelia, each one unique and perfect for a rainy day. Bookmans Speedway has all your cold weather fashions. These winter accessories are one of a kind, special and unique — just like our customers! If you have been wishing for winter, stop by to get outfitted for those cold nights. They are surely on their way.