Have we got some uncensored material for you! We celebrate revolutionary artists pushing boundaries and taking their art to the streets. They risk it all for the sake of expression, rearranging our world in an attempt to understand and reinterpret that all-allusive reality, the truth. They use all forms and create new ones from classical music to experimental, literature to pulp fiction, glossies to fanzines, fine art to comic lines and film noir to blockbusters.

Fight Censorship Bookmans Speedway

Bookmans Speedway can set you up with all maner of dangerous materials starting with the granddaddy of all counterculture — Hunter S. Thompson. We have Hunter by E. Jean Carroll, a biography of the man, his works and sordid times. Thompson not only created the Gonzo style of journalism, but he was an amateur photographer and illustrator. Look for work by and about this boundary breaker including documentary and feature film DVDs and books both fictionalized and verified.

Take a look at art from around the world with works such as Textura, Buenos Aires Street Art. With its uniquely composed, vivid photography, this work covers Buenos Aires and the modern graffiti movement. Walk through various neighborhoods from Barracas to Caballito to see kids in swings before wildly painted dogs reading newspapers. Alternatively, get a shave with South African Township, Barbershops and Salons by Simon Weller or go to Atlanta and hear and see the music scene with digital downloads of unreleased songs included. Fashion Scandinavia takes a look at the fashion underground and Cuban T.V. and lets us watch the nationals viewing their favorite shows (always colorful and highly scandalous)!

We can’t forget the graphic arts. Best of Cover Design: Books, Magazines, Catalogs and More is an intriguing look at the world of cover art. Fanzines: The DIY Revolution by Teal Triggs is a collection of fanzines from around the world. Take a look at zines from Kim Wilde to Guinea Pig Zero. In many cases, pages from the zines are reprinted and the artwork is included. Martha Cooper has a series of books that take a look at label street art. Going Postal and Name Tagging are both highly entertaining and creative and use labels as the medium for unusual street art. One of our personal favorites is Pop-up Pianos with photographs by Lekha Singh and essays by Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora. This ingenious work takes the music (and pianos) to the streets with spontaneous expressions of art, photography, poetry and literature. Move through the burrows of New York and see what piano pops up!

All of these works are brave efforts that combine different media with originality and zest. We dare you to to pick one up.

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