Here comes Valentine’s Day. It’s right around the corner and we are fairly sure that you are already thinking of your special someone that you’d like to make feel exactly that way with an amazing and unique gift. It’s a safe bet that a whole lot of folks, of all ages and tastes, love the Beatles. The impact that the Fab Four have had on music and culture is incalculable. Bookmans East always has some of the coolest and greatest things, from those hot hot hot novels to the rad collectors items that you can’t wait to get your paws on like Beatles memorabilia. (Of course we always suggest the phone call to ensure someone hasn’t snatched it up already…info here) 😉
This is the real deal, prints, promos, magazines and pretty much every thing you can think of that can be made into Beatles merchandise. The best part is it’s original, straight from the era in which it was originally created and released. I bet that you think you know the scope of Beatles merchandise. Trust us you have never seen a collection like this. It took us two days to even go through it and it took the collector literally a lifetime to amass. Lucky us – and lucky you – our customers are loyal, so it was brought to us at seriously reduced prices. These are items that can be extremely difficult to locate, let alone priced reasonably so that folks like you and I can purchase them. But wait…there’s more! All of this merchandise, like everything Bookmans carries can be purchased with our famous Trade Credit. So put away that credit card, gather some good condition items and sell them to us so that you can buy that one of a kind, never to be topped, best ever present for the Beatles lovers in your life. So, what exactly do we have? There really is too much to list everything so lets touch on the most unique items in our current collection perfect for that Valentine’s Day gift you have been searching for. P.S. there are still 8 days to shop! Go go gadget go!
How would you like to give a full set replica of the groups historic performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, complete with all four band members and detailed musical instruments? We also have framed original magazine covers from Life magazine including; August 28th, 1964, September 13, 1968, February of 1984 and the Saturday Evening Post’s March 21st, 1964 cover. Two of our gems are a full color oil portrait from The Beatle Buddies’ Club, limited production and still in it’s original packaging and a Christie’s of South Kensington fully authenticated framed letter from the Collectors Department of an original Beatles badge. Both of these items are true Beatles collectables. Our stock also includes fun items like Beatles hair spray, combs, jewelry, banners and lots of action figures. Check out the original figures from The Yellow Submarine, also still in original packaging. All of these items and more are currently available for purchase at Bookmans East for the Beatle’s lover on your Valentine’s shopping list so bring your Trade Credit and get these treasures while they last.
Be prepared to know how much “They love you yeah, yeah, yeah…”