Bookmans has a love/hate relationship with New Year resolutions. We’re all for anything that makes YOU happy. If that includes making a point to frequent the gym in 2017, then go for it! We also believe you are rainbow-pooping unicorn snowflakes who cry glistening wishes and are perfect just the way you are, if that’s your thing. In the past we planned our year around the goals our customers and staff make, but when it’s almost Jan 1 and you need a plan to slay 2017 what’s a unicorn snowflake to do? Simple…craft ten ridiculously easy resolutions guaranteed for a happier, healthier you.


Resolution #1
Stop spelling “ridiculous” with an E! Every time you find yourself having to backspace to fix that misspelling. Some of us are not natural born spellers. We have to work really hard not to make spelling mistake after spelling mistake. In 2017 make an active effort to break the habit of misspelling one tricky word… ‘guaranteed’ anyone?

Resolution #2
Learn an instrument. This one isn’t simple, but what if the instrument was a return to your third grade musical companion, the recorder? Imagine the compliments you’ll get after performing your kick ass rendition of Hot Cross Buns. (FYI: J.S. Bach composed music for the recorder, so you know it’s a sophisticated instrument).

Resolution #3
Develop #squadgoals. We went hard in 2016 but ain’t no way we aren’t going harder. Preach.

Resolution #4
Google “squad goals”. Rather than admit that you have no clue what we’re talking about, rely on Google to keep you in the know.

Resolution #5
Stop leaving passive-aggressive notes at work or home. No one likes your notes! Uhm, not yours. Your notes are awesome. Maybe this is a more self-reflective resolution?

Resolution #6
Pick up a book on improving communication with your friends, family and co-workers so as to not leave passive-aggressive notes.

Resolution #7
Do something with your mail. Just do something with it! Don’t leave it on your roommate’s desk. Don’t throw it on your bed. Take that giant pile of paper and go through it, organize it, recycle it or make an art project from it – just as long as it’s no longer taking up valuable flat surface area in your home.

Resolution #8
Watch movies that everyone hates and form your own opinion. Bookmans tends to carry all the copies of Wolverine and Star Wars episodes I – III that you could begrudgingly request. Make sure your opinion is your own. Then tweet us and tell us about it, #epicfail or not.

Resolution #9
Stop picking your nose in the car. There are eyes everywhere…

Resolution #10
Stop consuming party sized bags of Hot Cheetos in one sitting. Also, maybe cool it on the repeated references to Cheetos as last year this note was hit not once but multiple times.

Bonus Resolution
#TreatYourself by attending at least one of Bookmans’ spectacularly cool events. Just about every single day of 2017, Bookmans will host free events as a way to say thank you to our community. We fill our calendar with geeky, social justice, pop culture, literary, self-help, pet-friendly, informational and child-focused events. Want us to host an event that isn’t listed on our calendar? Just contact the event liaison at your nearest Bookmans and let them know what would get you in the store.

If none of these resolutions stir your desire to resolve, try our post from two years ago when we we literally did the same exact thing with Ten Easy New Year’s Resolutions. We’ll push it to 2018 as the year Bookmans resolutions contributor resolves to come up with original ideas.

Happy New Year fellow unicorn snowflakes!