Though DC Comics characters have their merits, today we are Team Marvel. Amid a male-dominated superhero universe, we highlight Marvel superheroines of valor. Geeking out on comics is a pastime shared by all ages, genders and backgrounds. These fabulous females help young girls feel self-empowered and take charge. Some of our selections are villainous, but their girl power endures. Bad girls, good girls, girls who switch sides–we love them all. In a world of ordinary mortals, these are truly wonder women.

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines: Psylocke

Psylocke appears in the X-Men comics as early as 1976. Her mind was placed in the body of a female ninja so she has badass fighting skills. She’s also known for telekinetic abilities.

2. Yukio:

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines: Yukio

Yukio appears in X-Men in 1982 and has made appearances in the Wolverine comics. She’s a martial arts guru and a spectacular thief. She teamed with Wolverine to bring down Shingen, but only after her initial task to kill Wolverine where she failed and fell in love with him.

3. Kayla Silver Fox:

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines: Kayla Silver Fox

Kayla Silver Fox appears in X-men in 1989. She was originally a member of government group Team X, but betrays them to become a member of the terrorist group HYDRA. She has healing powers and an age suppressant.

4. Jubilee:

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines: Jubilee

Jubilee appears in X-Men in 1990. She starts with sidekick roles but later has her own show (that only ran for six episodes). She can throw energy balls and although she is originally a mutant, she becomes a vampire. Rumor on the streets is we’ll see more of her in the future.

5. She-Hulk:

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines: She-Hulk

She-Hulk appears in her own comic in 1980. She’s since appeared in numerous other comics, most notably The Avengers and Fantastic Four. She’s a prominent lawyer who has given legal counsel to other super heroes.

6. Shadow Cat, a.k.a. Kitty Pryde:

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines: Shadowcat

Shadow Cat appears in X-Men in 1980. She is the youngest member asked to join the mutant super heroes. She makes people and objects intangible and can affect electricity, which gives her the appearance of levitation. Finally, because this makes us happy, Ellen Page plays the character in the new X-Men movie.

7. Danielle Moonstar:

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines: Danielle Moonstar

Danielle Moonstar appears in X-Men in 1980. She can manifest people’s worst fears in addition to manifesting energy. She’s also able to communicate with animals, a talent we wish we had.

8. Wasp:

Eight Awesome Marvel Superheroines: Wasp

Wasp appears in Tales to Astonish in 1963. Wasp is one of the founding members of The Avengers and gave the group their name. She can shrink or grow in size as well as throw bio electric energy blasts.

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