Baby, it’s cold outside… or it soon will be. Bookmans Flag Cafe is a special place where customers of all ages and cultures gather to meet over a hot or iced beverage. Some customers study hard for classes at NAU while others hang out to socialize or relax alone. Often, you can see some Bookmans regulars playing a game of chess or some other game like cribbage while sipping their favorite drink. Among Flagstaff’s various cafes, Bookmans Cafe has its own special energy and magic. Our staff are friendly and are top notch baristas who make amazing specialty drinks like mocha lattes, green tea shakes, and the truly awesome Mexican mochas.

Bookmans flag cafe

Before I worked at Bookmans, I was a regular at the cafe. My drink was a simple iced Americano which I sipped mindfully while making music on Garageband with my Mac. There’s nothing like getting the caffeine buzz while being engaged in creating some trippy electronic music. I always found the Bookmans Flag Cafe to be conducive to getting in a creative frame of mind. Another great feature is when could to step away from my work and search the seemingly myriad amount of books, musical equipment, CDs and DVDs. Being able to peruse the store also made the experience greater than sitting in a self-contained cafe downtown.

bookmans flag cafe

Bookmans Flag Cafe has partnerships with a few great local businesses. The coffee comes from Firecreek Coffee who roast their own tasty beans and provide some of the best coffee in Arizona. Firecreek’s beans provide a strong and complex brew that creates loads of devoted customers. The cafe’s delicious teas come from a company called Corvis Teas. I can attest to the awesomeness as I have a slight addiction to the cafe’s dirty chais.

When it comes to food that compliments the drinks, the cafe serves items like banana nut bread and zucchini bread from another local business Mountainaire Sweetbreads. There are delicious cookies and scones made by Artisans Bakery. One of my favorite Artisan treats is their gingerbread cookies. As far as I know, they’re the only company who makes these lovely treats outside of the Christmas season.

Another great aspect to the Bookmans Flag Cafe is that they often host some truly unique events, including the Bookmans Flagstaff Cafe Book Club’s monthly meetings!

bookmans flag cafe

Yes, I am a bit biased about the cafe but judging from the number of regulars and the constant stream of new customers, it’s the best cafe in Northern Arizona. If you haven’t come in for a lovely beverage, you have to get over here now! If you see me in the store please tell me how your experience was. I’m betting that it will be a great one.

– Written by Paul Lee