As your beloved Bookmans Entertainment Exchange turns 40 we begin this adventure with a turning of an era. Bookmans Grant is announcing an exciting new chapter beginning early 2017. As we move into a new year we are moving our Grant store to a new location in Tucson. With the closure of the Sports Exchange we are able to recommit to our loyal Tucson fanbase and bring them their favorite Grant store in a bigger and more beautiful capacity – with all the bells and whistles! We know that you may have questions and we’d love to be able to answer all of them, so please give any one of our stores a call. We hope you help us celebrate this new chapter by continuing to shop at your local Bookmans.


You have questions, we have answers…

Why Move Grant?
-We feel that after 40 years of loyalty from Tucson our primary obligation to the community is to repay that loyalty by committing to being their Bookstore for many years into the future.
-The Grant Road widening project will eventually result in the closure of the Grant store. The shifting timeline for this closure has created uncertainty about this store for years.
-Mid-town/University area customers have been particularly loyal to Bookmans and to the Grant Store despite this uncertainty.
-Moving the Bookmans Entertainment Exchange to the current BSE site allows us to secure our commitment to a central, University area located Bookmans for the long term as part of achieving our larger goal for Tucson. We are doing so in a beautiful new space that will make their Bookmans experience even better.

Why Close Bookmans Sports Exchange?
BSE was an experiment. Our goal was to provide Tucson with a resource to recycle their sporting goods and find great deals on high quality used gear, and to do it all Bookmans-style while offering the same level of staff knowledge, passion and commitment that our customers enjoy at our Bookstores.

-Despite our best efforts, and strong support from the community, we were not able to acquire enough quality used gear to achieve this goal.
-To fill the gap we purchased substantial amounts of new sporting goods equipment and apparel. This created financial challenges for the store. More importantly, in the process we began to lose the fundamental reuse/recycle identity of Bookmans.
-Rather than let the store devolve into something far from what a Bookmans should be, we decided to take the opportunity presented by the beautiful space we built to solve the problems faced at the Grant store and recommit to Tucson’s mid-town bookstore lovers.

How much longer will Bookmans Sports Exchange be open?
Bookmans Sports Exchange is still open and is having an ongoing Store Closing Sale. The store will remain open as long as the inventory lasts. Your trade credit is still good on all items regardless of any discounts.

Will all sales be guaranteed at the BSE while they are in the Store Closing Sale period?
As of September 30th all sales are final. On sales made September 29th or earlier, BSE’s normal return policy applies.

Will BSE still be offering Bike Repair, ski/snowboard service, or fitness equipment service during the store closing sale period?
No. Our service shop is closed effective September 30th.

Can I still trade in sporting goods at the Sports Exchange as long as they are open?
Beginning on September 30th we will no longer be purchasing items from our customers.

Will I be able to trade in sporting goods at the new Bookmans Entertainment Exchange when it moves?
Not as far as we know.

What happens to my Bookmans Sports Exchange trade credit?
Bookmans Sports trade credit functions the same as Bookmans Entertainment Exchange trade credit. It can be spent on anything at any of the Bookmans Entertainment Exchange locations and will be able to be used forever just like all Bookmans trade credit.

When will the Grant store close and move to the BSE location?
Sometime after the 1st of the year, 2107.


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